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“This child’s soul, very happy in front of its nut shell, all rotten, it is she who carries me”

Engaged in the Vendée Globe with The fabric, his “foiling” monohull, Alan Roura is currently 18th in the general classification of the round the world solo sailing race, heading for the Cape of Good Hope. In his “free time” on board, the 27-year-old sailor, who is racing his second Vendée Globe (he had finished 12e in 2016-2017), finds the time to write and, above all, to draw.

“2020, I am participating in my second Vendée Globe, at 27 years old. 2016, I am the youngest participant in all history to set off on the “Everest of the Seas”, which I finished in 12th place. What a long way in four years. And how much more if I look back further …

2008, in Grenada in the Caribbean, I just bought my first boat. A wreck, the Mini 6.50 n ° 62, baptized Gift, abandoned during the Mini Transat 1989 and came to be stranded on a beach on the island where I spent a break during our boat trip with my family.

A wreck that I retyped when I was 15 years old. I learned everything on the job, a little helped by my father, who always worked with his hands. A strength that I still claim today: I built myself and I know how to do everything on a boat.

So, yes, I still have a lot to learn from a “racing” point of view, but I am lucky to have the future ahead of me and, therefore, a good potential to exploit.

In any case, this child’s soul, very happy in front of its walnut shell, all rotten but so beautiful, because it is hers, I am sure that it is she who still carries me.

And that makes me where I am today. From the Mini 6.50 to the IMOCA 60 in less than ten years. I am not a little proud… ”

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