This cheap drug could slow down aging: scientists


A cheap drug used to treat diabetes could help you live a longer, healthier life, scientists say.

Metformin, which helps people lower their blood sugar and treats type 2 diabetes, may also protect against cancer, cognitive decline and heart disease. This is due to its anti-inflammatory effects, NPR reported. It costs less than a dollar a day with some insurance.

Studying scientists have created a clinical track called The TAME Trial, to test whether metformin can slow aging and prevent disease in healthy older adults. The six-year trial aims to recruit 3,000 people aged 65 to 79.

Metformin could have many health benefits, scientists say. Getty Images

Attorney Michael Cantor and his wife Shari Cantor, mayor of West, Hartford Connecticut, both take metformin and credit the drug with improving their lifestyle. They are both in their sixties.

Michael started taking the medication 10 years ago to help manage his weight and blood sugar, and Shari started taking it during the pandemic because she heard it could prevent infections.

“I tell all my friends about it. We all want to live a little longer and with a quality life if we can,” Michael told NPR.

An aging researcher also intervened.

“I don’t know if metformin increases people’s lifespan, but the existing evidence suggests that it’s very possible,” said Steven Austad, senior scientific adviser at the American Federation for Aging Research, which studies the biology of aging.

Both Shari and Michael Cantor take metformin. Shari Cantor/Facebook

Studies suggest that metformin reduces the risk of blood, urologic, and gastrointestinal cancers.

“It was a bit of a shock,” Austad says.

It also references a British study that found the drug reduced the risk of dementia in people who took the drug for type 2 diabetes. People taking metformin also had a lower risk of dying from a cardiovascular problem.

Austad and other researchers have pushed for a clinical trial because most of metformin’s aging benefits have been observational.

Metformin can cost as little as $1 per day. thin glass –

“Several of us went to the FDA to ask them to approve a trial of metformin. If you could help prevent multiple problems at the same time, as we think metformin could do, then it’s almost the ultimate in preventative medicine,” Austad said.

Michael Cantor and his wife Shari say they haven’t experienced any negative side effects, although some have reported difficulty growing new muscles and a vitamin B deficiency.

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