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“This Bus Is A Safe Haven”: MetroBus Driver Rescues Child Sitting Alone In East St. Louis Field |  News headlines

IS ST. LOUIS ( – A MetroBus driver is honored for his heroic actions on Wednesday.

Nick, a MetroBus driver, was driving along his route in East St. Louis when he spotted a toddler sitting alone in a field near a closed subdivision. Feeling uncomfortable, he applied the brakes and ran towards the young boy.

“He asked the boy if he wanted to go up with him and the child smiled,” wrote a Metro spokesperson describing the couple’s interaction. Nick then wrapped his coat around the boy before alerting the company dispatch team who called the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office.

While he waited for the police to arrive, Nick made sure the boy was comfortable by giving him bottled water and crisps which he packed for his lunch later. The deputy who responded placed the child in his patrol car and wrapped him in a blanket.

“It was heartbreaking to see this child all alone. I have a daughter a little older than this child. The bus is a haven of peace, ”said Nick. I am not a hero. I was just doing what I thought was the right thing to do.

He has worked for Metro Transit for five years and enjoys driving the bus along Illinois roads near the Mississippi River.

“Every day is a new beginning and it’s a great experience. You meet different people and enjoy the weather, even the snow. It can’t be better than that, ”he says.

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