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Thirty Palestinian prisoners released by Israel in exchange for hostages

Thirty Palestinians, all women and minors detained in Israeli prisons, were released overnight from Thursday to Friday in accordance with the truce agreement between Israel and Hamas, the Israel Prisons Authority announced.

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These prisoners were released a few hours before the scheduled expiration of the truce, after the earlier release by Hamas of eight Israeli hostages held in the Gaza Strip, to which were added two Franco-Israeli hostages released on Wednesday.

Qatar, the main truce mediator, announced earlier that the Palestinian prisoners to be released were 23 minors and seven women.

Since its entry into force on November 24, the truce agreement between Israel and Hamas has already enabled the release of 110 hostages, including 80 women, children and young people under the age of 19, Israeli or binational.

In exchange, 240 Palestinian prisoners were released.

In addition, around thirty foreigners, mostly Thais working in Israel, were released outside the framework of this agreement.

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