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The yellow vest Jérôme Rodrigues was tried on February 24 for insulting the police after an exchange on Twitter last September. He defended himself from targeting the institution and blasted the government’s security policy in the process.

Jérôme Rodrigues appeared on February 24 before the Paris Criminal Court for “insulting” the police. The figure of the yellow vests movement is being prosecuted for having described on Twitter on September 9, 2020 the police union Synergie-officers of a “band of Nazis” and evoked the existence of a “concentration camp [caché] north-east of Paris ”. Reacting to the publication, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin then announced the next day on the same social network, to file a complaint “in the name of the ministry, and to defend the honor of all the police officers”.

Before the judge, Jérôme Rodrigues and his lawyer, Arié Alimi, demonstrated that the insult was not intended for the police institution but was aimed at a union and in particular the people in charge of its Twitter account. “Despite his voluntary injury, Jérôme Rodrigues never insulted the police, at any time during his many speeches,” said Arié Alimi, before asking for his client’s release. The State as well as Synergie-officiers, civil party, each demanded one euro for damages against the accused as well as the payment of legal costs.

At the end of his trial, Jérôme Rodrigues deplored at the microphone of RT France the existence of a company of denigration against him: “We continue today to [me] make pass for a hater of the cops when it is not true. We continue to [me] pass off as [un] violent. I don’t have a record [judiciaire]. I am here to campaign for social rights and for the better living of my comrades ”, he defended himself before criticizing the government which, according to him,“ uses the cops to protect them from their bullshit ”. The court’s decision will be released on April 6.

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