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They do not relieve cough or accelerate metabolism: Cofepris issued five health alerts for “miracle products”

Cofepris issued five health alerts to “miracle products” (Photo: Twitter @ COFEPRIS)

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) issued five health alerts against “miracle products”. Through a statement, the agency reported that this type of goods promise to alleviate ailments, remove pain or cure diseases ifn present any technical-scientific evidence, taking advantage of the urgency of people and causing health risks.

1. “Osteo Sin Max” (presentation in tablets and cream): this product is marketed as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, it also appears to be indicated for herniated discs, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and gout.

2. “365 Skinny High Intensity”: also known as “Body Balance High Intensity”, they are capsules advertised as a dietary supplement and are attributed properties as an accelerator of weight loss and metabolism, relaxant and controller of cortisol levels, among others.

3. “Cicatrisan Plus Max”: This good emulates being a treatment for conditions such as gastric ulcers, colitis, acute or chronic gastritis, diverticula and the prevention of colon cancer.

They do not relieve cough or accelerate metabolism: Cofepris issued five health alerts for “miracle products”
“Cicatrisan Plus Max” (Photo: Twitter @ COFEPRIS)

Four. “Pulmo Calcio” (presentation in ampoules, micro-bottles, tablets and syrup): it is marketed as an expectorant for the rapid relief of coughs.

5. “Kidney Life Plus Max” (presentation in tablets): it is advertised as an auxiliary product in the treatment of infections and kidney pain, infection in the urinary tract and prostate, as well as to prevent the formation of stones and grit in the kidney and kidney stones.

These “miracle products” they do not have a health registry, since they have not proven their safety, quality or efficacy, and by not knowing the content of their ingredients, pose a health risk of who consumes them. In addition, being of doubtful origin and lacking verification of its production plants, the hygiene conditions in its preparation or storage are unknown, said Cofepris.

They do not relieve cough or accelerate metabolism: Cofepris issued five health alerts for “miracle products”
“Pulmo Calcio” (Photo: Twitter @ COFEPRIS)

In this context, the body led by Alexander Svarch recommends the population not to consume or buy these products or any other that does not comply with current regulations. He also asked to report them in case of identifying them for sale.

“These products they cannot be advertised, marketed or distributed. Establishments that do not comply with the regulations will be subject to administrative sanctions that are appropriate ”, he warned.

During the morning press conference last Tuesday, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, accused that the Cofepris it was “riddled with corruption” in previous governments.

In addition to this, the public servant pointed out that since its foundation, at the beginning of Vicente Fox’s six-year term, the dependency has been subject to bad practices. For this reason, he recognized his director, Alejandro Svarch Pérez, who has done a job of “clean” to end corruption within it.

“Cofepris, from its birth, was plagued with corruption. There was great complicity with companies, especially with regulated companies, of all kinds. Since commissioner Alejandro Svarch arrived, he has done a very systematic job of cleaning up all these corruption processes “

“When we talk about this corruption in Cofepris we are not referring to grassroots workers but to the leaders of that government office,” he added.

They do not relieve cough or accelerate metabolism: Cofepris issued five health alerts for “miracle products”
“Kidney Life Plus Max” (Photo: Twitter @ COFEPRIS)

The official even recalled the scandal known as “The basement of Cofepris”, where there were more than 6,000 files kept to discretionally give permits to companies “friends” of the directors of the agency.

To reverse this practice, he explained, a new method of online procedures, so as to avoid the intervention of managers or coyotes, behaviors that contributed to the opacity experienced in past administrations.

“What Cofepris has done now, with the leadership of Dr. Svarch, is that the technical processes are transparent, they are in a digitization process, everything will be electronic, to avoid all kinds of coyotes, managers and intermediaries who just participated of this corruption scheme ”, he stated.


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