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They asked for life for those accused of kidnapping and killing a 15-year-old girl for money and cocaine

Xiomara, the victim

The trial for one of the most brutal crimes in recent years comes to an end. After six months of debate in Federal Oral Court No. 6, Luis Alberto Fernández and Bruno Cortez they faced both orders for life imprisonment for the brutal kidnapping and death of Xiomara Méndez Morales, occurred on November 20, 2018. Xiomara, a neighbor of the village 1-11-14, he was barely 15 years old.

The attorney general Gabriela Baigún made the request before the Court composed of judges Guillermo Costabel, Sabrina Namer and Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu after a request for a rise to trial signed in 2019 by Alejandra Mángano, the main investigator of the case and head of the 12th Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The qualification for both is particularly complex: Extortion kidnapping aggravated by relationship, ransom collection, age and death of the victim, resistance to authority, carrying a weapon of war.

Fernández, according to the accusation against him, he attacked a girl who was almost his own blood. In his plea, Baigún assured about the main defendant. “I knew Xiomara many years ago. Since she was one year old. It was not the first time he had looked for her from school. She and her brothers always called him uncle. Writing verbatim what she said in her inquiry: ‘It rises because of the confidence that she has in me … She was never going to doubt me … As you well know, she considered me an uncle and that put me between a rock and a hard place. wall to me ”. “Xiomara’s fate was cast. The death of the adolescent had already been premeditated “Baigún continued.

The tests, with an investigation by the Anti-kidnapping division of the Federal Police, tell the whole story.

Agree At the request signed by the prosecutor Mangano, Xiomara was captured at 5:50 p.m. that day when leaving her school, the Liceo N ° 5 Pascual Guaglianone on Carabobo avenue, where he was in his second year of high school, around 5:50 p.m. It was Luis Fernández, his “affectionate uncle” according to testimonies, who called her to get into the back seat of her Fiat Duna.

They asked for life for those accused of kidnapping and killing a 15-year-old girl for money and cocaine
Luis Fernández, the main defendant

Three minutes later the mother of the minor received a message on the phone: “Patri, we have your daughter. Call me quickly, urgently ”. The extortions began. In the background, Xiomara’s mother listened to her daughter crying and asking for her life. The kidnapping was immediately reported.

That same night, at 9:40 p.m. a new call occurred. The extortionists asked the mother of the minor to pay the ransom: 50 thousand pesos and two kilos of cocaine. Two hours later, they lowered their claims. They asked for the same amount, but less drug. They ordered him to leave the silver and dust under a black car parked in Chiclana de Boedo, in a white bag. Xiomara’s mother asked to speak to her daughter. They did not allow it. Minutes later, Patricia complied with the orders. He left the money under the black car, but there was no drug.

The ransom was collected, but Xiomara did not return. The kidnappers continued on their way.

They asked for life for those accused of kidnapping and killing a 15-year-old girl for money and cocaine
Xiomara at her party of 15

Cortez and Fernández didn’t give up without a fight. They continued their march to Ituzaingó, where a patrolman of the Buenos Aires Police, according to the record, crossed the Duna at a tollbooth. and he signaled for them to stop. A manhunt began. Fernández pointed a 9mm pistol at his pursuers. The commissioner on the patrol car responded with his regulations and fired. Finally, they were intercepted in Coyunda and Acceso Oeste. Fernández and Cortez struggled with the troops who arrested them. The Dune was registered: Xiomara was dead in the back seat.

The subsequent autopsy found that she had been suffocated by compression to death. His head was suspended and covered by a red diver, secured with tape and rope. His wrists were bound with seals, their mouths taped up. The report of the experts of the Judicial Morgue established that Xiomara had died between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

It is possible, based on these data, that the kidnappers have negotiated the ransom with the minor already dead. Apparently, they had an even more macabre plan: in the Duna, in addition to 15 thousand pesos, a can of gasoline and a box of matches were found.

They asked for life for those accused of kidnapping and killing a 15-year-old girl for money and cocaine
Bruno Martín Cortez, the second accused

Fernández, for his part, complained of having been beaten by police and denied everything when questioned. He assured that he met Cortez at the San Cayetano de la Villa 1-11-14 remisería, that took him several times to buy drugs from another settlement in Morón and that he acted under threat from his accomplice in the kidnapping.

For Fernández, who has a criminal record, the security cameras complicate it: it was filmed at the Xiomara school near the Duna two minutes before the kidnapping.

The mention of “Grillo” is insistent in listening. “Cricket shit on me”says the voice of one of the captors to the mother of the minor. “Ready, get me the two kilos, you know where to get, don’t play dumb”he continued. Xiomara’s crying is a constant throughout the listening, while the woman asks for the life of her daughter. The body revealed another evidence: under the left thumbnail was Cortez genetic material. Under the nail of the right thumb, Fernández’s DNA was found.

The narco track, meanwhile, continues to be a dark spot in the case. Everything was oriented, in a way, to the transa movement of Bajo Flores. Suspicion of a narco revenge which would later be confirmed with evidence and raids began to fly over the case investigated by prosecutor Mangano two weeks after the fact. A relative of the young woman had been arrested with just under a hundred bags of cocaine in 2014 while entering the settlement to later receive a probation community service by a federal court, the biological father of the minor who had gone to Ituzaingó still lived in the area. Judge Jorge Rodríguez ordered from Morón to accelerate the investigation to a narco gang that included Xiomara’s stepfather with a drug record in Comodoro Py, with a raid on the family home.


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