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these countries where everything is good to encourage vaccination – RT in French

All kinds of rewards are offered around the world – more or less far-fetched – to encourage the population to be vaccinated against Covid-19. These may be bonuses, material goods or lottery tickets, depending on the country.

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, several foreign countries or local communities are stepping up initiatives to encourage their population to be vaccinated, competing in imagination in the promised rewards. Anthology.

In the United States first, among other incentives, President Joe Biden called on local authorities to pay $ 100 to any new person being vaccinated, drawing for this from emergency funds released to cope to the pandemic. Message well received in New York, where Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised this sum from July 30 for any first dose of vaccine administered, while 37% of the inhabitants of the American megalopolis had not received any dose by July 29.

The New York City Hall wants to give a new boost to its vaccine campaign through this bonus, but initiatives can also come directly from the private sector. Example with local Major League Baseball teams, the Yankees and the Mets, which give free tickets to spectators who get vaccinated against Covid-19 in their stadiums before games, according to US News & World Report.

Other states or American cities are already offering more or less wacky bonuses to first-time vaccines, as Bloomberg reminds us: university scholarships of 50,000 dollars for a lucky few in Colorado, lottery tickets in Maryland, California, Oregon and Ohio (a woman became a millionaire as well according to the Washington post), free tickets for museums and parks depending on the territory, or a lap dance in a strip club in Las Vegas and a custom rifle in West Virginia. Until July 12, many dispensaries in Washington state were also offering marijuana joints to all adults coming for the vaccine, reported. The Guardian.

Piercings in India, egg cartons in China

Elsewhere in the world, this carrot and stick system can take even more incentive forms, as in China where all kinds of basic necessities are offered in exchange for an injection against the coronavirus. Laundry and toilet paper rolls in this TF1 report; two egg cartons for over 60s in a district of Beijing; vouchers for supermarkets in another district of the Chinese capital. Others may have free tickets to visit the Lama Temple, the capital’s famous Buddhist site, AFP reported in April.

Also in Asia, goldsmiths in the Indian city of Rajkot in the state of Gujarat offer a gold nasal piercing to vaccinated women, while men are given … a blender, according to the Hindustan Times. In a district in the north of New Delhi, a tax reduction of 5% is offered to newly vaccinated.

I have not found other ways to motivate to get vaccinated

In Europe, the rewards are often staggering and staggering, with a few exceptions. The city hall of Moscow in Russia has set up a promotional code of 1000 rubles (about 11 euros) for those over 60 years old, valid in pharmacies and several lotteries have also been organized to encourage vaccination.

In Serbia, in May, citizens already vaccinated or about to be vaccinated received 3,000 dinars (about 25 euros), reported France 24. Way of “rewarding people who have shown responsibility”, according to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Since June 28 in Greece, people aged 18 to 25 receive from the first injection 150 euros on a prepaid card (called “Freedom pass”) to travel or go to concerts, the cinema, the theater or at the Museum. “It is a thank you for their patience and perseverance, but also an incentive to be vaccinated,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis clearly explained.

The Czech government for its part decided on July 30 to grant two additional days of vacation to each civil servant vaccinated against Covid since the beginning of the year. “I have not found other ways to motivate to be vaccinated. Some may criticize the fact that it is unfair but I think it is fair, ”said Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who asked private companies to offer the same to their employees.

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