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These Breton places that have become brands (map) – Brittany

1 Submit a name, instructions for use

As the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) explains on its website, anyone (individuals, companies and communities) can register a brand name, in one or more categories of products and services, and this for a period of ten years, renewable. Provided, of course, that no one has previously registered the same brand name, for the same services or products. During these ten years of operation, the owner of a brand can decide to sell it.

Beyond any commercial use, registering a trademark allows it to be protected from use by a third party. For example, the family Joüon des Longrais, owner of Fort la Latte (22) since 1931, registered its name with the INPI.

2 Promote local

What is the point of registering the name of a place? For communities, it is most often a question of controlling the image of their municipality, and of ensuring its promotion. The municipality of Perros-Guirec (22) thus filed, in 2015, its name, that of Ploumanac’h (22), then designated “Favorite village of the French”, but also the names of the beaches of Trestraou and Trestrignel. More curious, the municipality also deposited the terms “Pink granite of Clarity” and “Pink granite of Perros-Guirec”, with regard to the building materials. One way to protect a local resource that does not have a protected designation of origin.

For businesses, the local sells. Using an identifiable name then helps attract consumers. No wonder then that the Brasserie at the end of the world, installed in Térénez (29) then in Faou (29), has registered the beer names Térénez and Pen Hir.

In the same spirit, Yves Rocher registered the name La Gacilly (56) to use it in his beauty products. This in order to highlight the mint, cultivated on the spot, which does not benefit from a PDO.

3 Surf a trend

At the end of the 2000s, Arnaud Juherian, then settled in Belle-Île-en-Mer (56), sold clothes in the markets and then opened a shop. This is the time when the t-shirts “ I love NY “ are back in fashion and are available in all sauces. “A friend told me that he had seen” I love Ré “t-shirts in Vendée, remembers Arnaud. So I left “I love Belle-Île” and I got down to it “. His stickers and t-shirts will be a small success for three or four years. “But I ended up finding it out of date, so I stopped,” admits the man who is now a professional photographer. So much so that after ten years, the formula “I love Belle-Île” returned to the public domain.

But others have taken over, such as the “Port Coton” brand, registered in 2014, and the “ I can’t have Belle-Île », Filed in 2016, which are successfully displayed on textile products.

4 Shower cabin and orthopedic shoe

It also happens that a company files the name of a locality from which it is quite distant. A quick search on the INPI website shows that all the names of Breton islands have been registered by the same company, SM Europe – Orliman, based in La Mézière (35), which manufactures orthopedic accessories.

“We have chosen to name all our shoes with the names of islands in Brittany, but also Vendée and Normandy,” explains Audrey Mazy, press relations officer for Orliman.

More incongruously, their “Bréhat” shoes share their name with a product registered in another category. This is a shower cabin, sold by Mr Bricolage …

5 The risk of conflict

If Arnaud Juherian assures that he never had a problem with the municipalities of Belle-Île, when he marketed his brand, conflicts can still arise. Philippe Goëry experienced this in the 2000s, when he registered the “Château du Taureau” brand to market cosmetics and then clothing. In 2006, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morlaix (26), manager of the castle, wanted to use the brand but realized that it had been preceded by Philippe Goëry, but also by the president of the tourist office. of the time, who registered the name to sell souvenirs … After a long legal battle, the CCI will recover the registered trademark in 2008, and remains to this day the only entity that can exploit it.

Who owns the Bretagne brand? Unsurprisingly, the Region has filed the Brittany mark with the INPI, and so as not to be duplicated, it has aimed broad, since this mark covers the category of advertising as well as that of plastering work, this at least. until 2028. As for the term Breizh, it was registered by a jewelry manufacturer, in Germany, but also, for drinks, by Phare Ouest (56), which markets Breizh Cola. Finally, the acronym BZH belongs to the association for the fields of communication, to an individual for the field of stickers, bags and drinks, and to a company from Doubs for jewelry.

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