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These Breton caregivers who reject the vaccine obligation – Brittany

  • 1 In Vannes, fear of the vaccine and denounced harassment
  • About 150 people demonstrated under the windows of the Vannes branch of the ARS, on the eve of the entry into force of the vaccination obligation for caregivers. The CGT was received by the ARS to request its repeal.

    “I know people who have had discomfort at home after their injection,” worries Marine Pierre, administrative assistant at Auray hospital. “I saw 40 patients in two days, and among them, three patients have not had their periods since their vaccination”, notes, for her part, a speech therapist from Vannes.

    Evelyne, medico-psychological aid in a retirement home in Meucon, denounces “the harassment” of management. “It’s been a long time since I made my choice. They can take everything from me, except my freedom. One of his colleagues adds: “They also called us during our vacation, several times, to ask us if we were vaccinated. “

    (Photo François Destoc)

    “We apply a very strict protocol: I no longer have a waiting room, I am going to look for patients outside. There are therefore never more than two in my office. A cashier sees more people than us. There is nothing sanitary about this vaccination obligation, ”protests Ms. G, speech therapist from Vannes. She will continue to exercise as long as she can, so as not to abandon her patients. “The ARS does not even give us the right to look for a vaccinated replacement. There, we are seven colleagues. Our layoff will affect 350 patients. A three-year-old who doesn’t speak, he can’t wait. “

  • 2 In Pontivy, last maintenance before suspension
  • “The mail arrived, by registered mail, in my mailbox last week.” Monday, like other colleagues who have not yet been vaccinated, Isabelle was to formally inform the management of the Center-Bretagne hospital center whether or not she had received her first dose before the cutoff date of September 15.

    “We have to stop taking us for idiots. If I do not vaccinate now, it is because I have my reasons ”. The consequences, the forty-something knows them: suspension of contract, and of remuneration. At most, she can defer “the penalty” for a few days of RTT or leave to be taken.

    For twenty years that she has worked in health, including eleven at the Kervénoaël nursing home in Pontivy, Isabelle has “never known that”. Her colleague Élodie, 32, does not take a break either. Beyond worry, there is also bitterness: “We love our job. We fought for the residents. Except that today, we are not given a choice. We are held by the salary ”.

    One thing is certain, they will not take their duty this Wednesday. Like a final protest. But for how long ? The two women do not know until when they will be able to “hold out” without pay.

  • 3 In Finistère, a fatalistic testimony
  • Joel

    , the quarantine, technical staff in a Breton hospital center, distrusts the vaccine, and, rather than denying his convictions, waits with fatalism for the ax of his direction: “We received a lot of texts on the vaccine obligation then, today (Tuesday, Editor’s note), I was expecting something. But nothing. I still do not know. I was not told anything. Tomorrow I’ll go to work. What if he’s suspended? “If so, too bad. I have a little money aside. My wife was vaccinated, under duress, to keep a salary. There, I wait. I made my CV. I will look elsewhere, in other places where we do not ask for the vaccination obligation. In my town, I saw that there was a post in the road network. I will apply ”.

    What would he have wanted? “I would like to have the choice, even if it means testing myself more. I played the game, doing PCR tests every three days when it’s just to protect the steering in the event of an ARS check. I have convictions. If the vaccine was injected into me, I would take sick leave for depression because I would not be well. And if we give in, we will have to give in for the children, for whom we had to stop activities. The sanitary pass is the carrot. I say no, ”he replies.

    Are there any tensions in his department with the vaccinated? “My colleagues got vaccinated. There is no judgment. We get along well within the team. Me, I do not feel more in danger than them ”.

    Joël demonstrated against the sanitary pass. “As soon as I could, I went to demonstrate. For me, this is not a health crisis, but a political crisis. They don’t like to see it compared to war, but in methodology, on TV, it is similar to propaganda. I no longer trust the television media. I go on the Internet a lot, even if it is necessary to sort out ”.

    * The first name has been changed