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These 17 moments in Olympic Games history define an unforgettable memory

It’s never boring at the Olympics.

After all, this is an event built on athletics so great that it takes your breath away practically every time. Yet, as evidenced by over 100 years of modern Olympic history, there are times that still manage to stand out from the crowd, in more ways than one. Whether they set the bar higher than we thought possible, make a stronger statement than the sport itself, spark controversy, or exemplify humanity in an unexpected way, the Olympic Games have been the theater of truly remarkable events.

Now, with the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games officially kicking off on Friday, July 23, it’s only a matter of hours before more athletes have the chance to not only win the gold, but perhaps to leave their endless mark on the sport. the story.

As we keep our eyes open, rest assured that they will be in amazing company. We have collected many moments from the history of the Olympic Games that remain unforgettable to this day. Some will amaze you, shock you, might make you cry, and perhaps push you to take the next step towards your own dreams.

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