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The Yuka application condemned again in front of a delicatessen industrialist

The nutritional application Yuka was condemned Monday by the commercial court of Aix-en-Provence for “unfair commercial practices” and “misleading” as well as for “acts of denigration” against the producer of charcuterie ABC Industrie .

At the end of May, the Paris Commercial Court rendered a similar decision in favor of the Federation of industrial pork butchers (FICT), of which ABC Industrie is a part.

Based in Peyrolles-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), the company, of which a range of cooked hams enjoys a poor classification by Yuka given in particular their nitrite content, accused the application of having ” caused significant financial and moral damage, in addition to serious damage to its reputation, ”according to the judgment that AFP was able to consult.

ABC Industrie criticized Yuka in particular for disseminating false information on the dangers of nitrites for the health of consumers. “This company mainly sells products by the cut, these are products that you do not notice in Yuka”, responded to AFP Julie Chapon, the co-founder of Yuka, who decided to appeal. “We were sentenced for moral and reputational damage” but “Yuka’s rating system was not called into question” which “was their main request,” she added.

Delete the words “carcinogenic” or “genotoxic”

In its decision, the Aix-en-Provence commercial court ordered Yuka to pay ABC Industrie 25,000 euros in damages, against 714,000 requested by the company. However, the application will have to withdraw the “high risk” assessment attributed to the additive E250 (nitrite) and remove any mention specifying that nitrites are “carcinogenic” or “genotoxic”.

ABC Industrie, on the other hand, was unsuccessful in Yuka’s request to delete the qualifiers “bad” and “mediocre” attributed to its products concerned.

“We are rather satisfied” with the fact that the court recognizes that “the information provided by Yuka must be correct and scientifically proven”, welcomed Fabien Castanier, the general delegate of the FICT which brings together 300 companies, to AFP. mostly SMEs.

At the end of May, the Paris Commercial Court had banned Yuka “from making a direct link” between a petition aiming to ban the addition of nitrites or nitrates in delicatessen products and the application sheets relating to these. last. Yuka also appealed against this decision. With the association of consumers Foodwatch and the League against cancer, Yuka participates in a campaign calling for the withdrawal of nitrites in cold meats.