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The yellow vest in the hand torn off by a grenade compensated – RT in French

Sébastien Maillet, a yellow vest whose hand was torn off during a demonstration in 2019 in Paris, was provisionally compensated for this grenade fire “neither necessary nor proportionate”, according to a court decision consulted by AFP.

The Compensation Commission for Victims of Crimes (Civi) of the Paris judicial court on June 10 granted 8,000 euros in interim compensation to Sébastien Maillet, a yellow vest whose hand was torn off by a grenade shot in front of the ‘National Assembly.

“Sébastien Maillet was injured by a GLI-F4 grenade fire during a demonstration which presents the material nature of an offense of violence, the grenade throwing being neither necessary nor proportionate” to “the reality of the violence suffered by the police, ”said the Civi, according to this decision revealed by the independent journalist David Dufresne and the online media Blast.

According to the decision, “self-defense cannot be opposed to him”. In addition to the provisional compensation, an expertise was ordered.

On February 9, 2019, near the National Assembly, Sébastien Maillet, then aged 30, had his hand torn off by the explosion of a GLI-F4 grenade, a weapon considered dangerous by the demonstrators who demanded its ban .

During the hearing on April 15 in front of the Civi, Sébastien Maillet had indicated that “when he had received a projectile thrown at his feet by a gendarme, ignoring [sa] Nature, he had leaned down and held out his hand for protection, but the grenade had exploded and had torn his hand off ”.

The Paris prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation, entrusted to the General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie (IGGN). This investigation is now in the hands of an investigating judge. According to the Civi’s decision, a lieutenant was identified as the grenade shooter by the IGGN.

What happened to Sébastien Maillet “is the result of a deliberate policy of using lethal weapons on civilian populations. This recognition of criminal misconduct is a first victory for him, for the yellow vests and for the right to demonstrate, ”welcomed his lawyer, Maître Arié Alimi.

Recently, other yellow vests injured in Paris during demonstrations have benefited from provisional compensation, such as Manuel Coisne, knocked out in November 2019, or Jérôme Rodrigues, injured in January of the same year.

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