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The Voyage to Nantes in 64 stages – Brittany

Every summer since 2012, the event “Trip to Nantes” stages the city by bringing together a multitude of cultural proposals. Its strength: the diversity and the free nature of most of its proposals. For two months, art infuses all over the city and weaves connivance. Artists, architects, designers and gardeners revive the 22 kilometers of the route. The doors of cultural venues open wide to welcome a large audience seven days a week. A constellation of artists unfolds in the public space which becomes a place of encounters and where works appear around the corner.

Perched on a tree trunk, a bronze beaver challenges passers-by. (Photo Martin Argyroglo)

In total, this 10th edition offers 64 stages. A gigantic roller derby track thus covers almost all of Place Graslin. On the remains of the Sauvetout gate, a bronze beaver stands on a tree trunk, a work of the Bordeaux sculptor Laurent Le Deunff… You will also come across a boat stranded on the fountain in Place Royale. This is the “Shipwreck of Neptune” designed by the Marseille sculptor Ugo Schiavi.

Three perfumes with Nantes scents

In the gallery of the Hangar à bananes, Gilles Barbier is exhibiting for the first time in France the ensemble produced to this day from the pages of the dictionary. For nearly thirty years, the artist has been copying the Petit Larousse Illustré (1966), faithfully reproducing all of its definitions and illustrations.

The Voyage to Nantes in 64 stages – Brittany
A rollerblading track in the heart of the city (Titan / Poltred sketch)

On the side of the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, the works of Romuald Hazoumè, a Beninese artist who defines himself as an aré, an itinerant artist, are presented. His works evoke “the tensions, contradictions and aberrations of our world, where man seems to consider himself as an object of use”. Thus, the cans that Romuald Hazoumè uses send back to us “the image of a modern slave, that we use, that we deform, that we repair and that we throw away. The flip-flops of those who have left, picked up on the beaches, show us what remains of those who, having taken to sea with no possible return, have become, in our eyes, dead or alive, undesirable and invisible ”.

The public is also invited to discover three perfumes designed for the occasion. Three renowned perfumers, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, Bertrand Duchaufour and Mélanie Leroux, were indeed invited to interpret the city in a perfume. Only one of these three original creations will be marketed at the end of 2021. But which one? It will ultimately be the public who will choose it through a vote.

Also on the program of these 64 stages: the Machines of the Island, the Regional House of Architecture of Pays de la Loire, the Travel Canteen, the Jardin des Plantes, the Jules Verne Museum, events, meetings …

Le Voyage à Nantes until September 12. Information on

The Voyage to Nantes in 64 stages – Brittany
Gilles Barbier is exhibiting for the first time in France the ensemble produced to date from Pages du Dictionnaire. (Photo Martin Argyroglo)

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