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The vaccine at a dose Sputnik-Light 70% effective against the Delta variant, according to its developers


The Gamaleïa research institute, which developed the anti-Covid Sputnik V vaccine, announced the results of an analysis demonstrating the effectiveness of the vaccine at a Sputnik-Light dose, used alone or as a booster in combination with other vaccines.

According to a study by the Gamaleïa research institute, developer of the Russian vaccine against Covid, the single-dose Sputnik-Light vaccine has demonstrated its effectiveness against the Delta variant of Covid. Thus, according to the results revealed on October 13, Sputnik-Light would demonstrate its effectiveness used alone or as a booster dose in combination with other anti-Covid vaccines.

According to the study, the Russian single-dose vaccine demonstrates 70% efficacy against the Delta variant three months after vaccination.

Also according to this study, the use of Sputnik-Light as a booster dose associated with other vaccines demonstrates an efficacy of 83% against infection with the Delta variant, and of more than 94% against hospitalization.

In a press release devoted to the results of this study, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) even claimed that it “demonstrated superior efficacy, in comparison with certain two-dose vaccines, which show a major decline in efficacy. against the Delta variant to less than 50% five months after the injection ”.

The analysis was carried out on a sample of 28,000 people who received a single dose of Sputnik-Light compared to a control group of 5.6 million unvaccinated people. The data was collected in July 2021 in Moscow.

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