The unusual strategy of a participant who baffled Guido Kaczka: “I never saw it”

The unprecedented decision made by a participant of The 8 steps

The 8 million steps It is one of the most profitable programs in the summer season of open television. Night after night, eight participants meet on the screen of The thirteen to test his knowledge in order to win the prize of one million pesos. With very varied themes such as geography, sports or history, the driver Guido Kaczka He guides them on the way to the objective, where they run into five specialists who are in charge of asking the final questions.

According to the dynamics of the cycle, the contestants must answer two questions for each step. Those who do it correctly, go up to the next step and are in charge of choosing who will accompany them in the event of a tie. This thankless condiment is one of the game’s attractions. ANDIt is a strategy to get rid of the potential maximum adversaries, but sometimes it is not easy. Because also during the competition affections and empathy are woven, which when making a decision as cruel as this, can play against.

The unprecedented decision made by a participant of The 8 steps (El Trece)

Perhaps something of this happened to Javier this Wednesday, an industrial engineer and aircraft pilot from the town of Burzaco. During the instance referring to “famous phrases” each of the four contestants who were still in the race had to complete the sentence that the driver began. Javier closed the round and already had an affirmative answer in the first instance, while the other three carried an error. The situation was simple: if he answered correctly, he went to the next step and had to determine who was with him and who was eliminated. If their answer was incorrect, the four were left with a correct answer and they had to break the tie.

“What is time according to the phrase attributed to Benjamin Franklin?”, asked the driver before granting the options: “Life or money.” And there it was that the participant decided to leave protocol. “I don’t want to choose. If I lose, we go to an approximation, ”he said, reviewing the regulations. And assuring this information and despite knowing the correct answer, Javier decided to make a mistake on purpose. “Life,” she answered without hesitation. “I think everything has to be even,” she argued to the stupor of the driver and the jurors.

“Formally I have to tell you that it is wrong,” Guido pointed out and tried to understand what was happening. “I never saw this. We watch the program every day at home”, added the Olympic medalist Cecilia Carranzainvited jury. “I never saw it”, replied the driver, making clear the unprecedented nature of the move. “Did you want it to be a tie?” He asked, looking for an explanation. “He wanted everyone to have a chance. If I went up, I had to choose who stayed down and I didn’t want to do that”; Javier justified himself, while he received congratulations and thanks from his competitors.

Pampita, Nicole and Ingrid Grudke were some of the models that participated in the jury (The 8 million steps)

As the regulation indicates, Guido read a question whose result is a number and is defined by approximation. The query was in what year María Julia Alsogaray had said: “In 1000 days we will be able to drink water from the Riachuelo.” Alicia and Ricardo were the closest, and they went to the next instance, while Javier tied with Carolina and they had to respond again by approach.

“In what year did Martin Luther King deliver his famous speech known as ‘I have a dream’?” is what they had to answer. Upon hearing the slogan, Javier sighed with disappointment, giving an indication that it was not a subject on which he was very informed. His 1980 was far from the almost perfect 1964 of his opponent, which decreed his elimination. Without too much trouble, and knowing that he had acted on his convictions. Although perhaps, Kaczka and his team continue to search for an explanation.


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