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The Trudo family revisits their home a year after a mine collapsed forcing them to evacuate

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – Opening the door means unlocking memories, John Trudo and his family have returned to where it all began.

“We were just getting ready to make steaks and my wife said ‘hey water, we’ve lost water, we don’t have working water.’ I checked the faucet and that’s about when my neighbor, Albert, came over to me and said ‘hey, we have an emergency you need to get out here,’ ”says Trudo.

And what he saw in his front yard.

“It was shocking to say the least,” says Trudo.

A 40 foot sinkhole opening onto an abandoned 1940s mine right in their front yard.

Forcing the Trudo family to relocate during a pandemic, putting additional pressure on 9-year-old Logan.

“It was really hard for him to come back to the room the first time after it was empty because he was the one who designed it all, so it was really heartbreaking for him,” says Trudo.

Took twenty days before having to evacuate.(John Trudo)

This photo of the Trudo family was taken on April 7, 2020, exactly twenty days before their lives sank.

What was once a vibrant home where a family made memories, is now abandoned and overgrown.

“What this thing was before what it is now is just that everything is overgrown, it’s weeds, it’s trashy, and nobody knows for sure what’s in it.” future, ”says Trudo.

Remembering the past gives this family a break, feeling the weight of looking back.

“At some point you have to start thinking about what it will take to move forward and you can’t move forward if you dwell on the past,” Trudo says. “So we try not to come here a lot because we do, it really doesn’t suit you.”

How did it happen? Trudo and his neighbors still have no answers but are grateful that no one was hurt.

“I mean, honestly, someone could have died here or several people for that matter and we were just lucky no one did,” Trudo says.

The East Daisy reader therefore remains locked.

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