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the thwarted fate of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V

First on the starting line, with the announcement of its creation by Vladimir Putin in August 2020, the Russian vaccine touted by the head of the Kremlin as the “Best in the world” against SARS-CoV-2 must fight to win. Sputnik V – so called in reference to the first Soviet satellite sent into space, and “V” for victory – has so far only been adopted by a handful of emerging countries, attracted by its cost – less than $ 10 ( around 8.30 euros) per dose; it takes two to be protected, as with its Western competitors – or driven by close ties with the Kremlin.

The first foreign state to approve the Russian vaccine on its territory, Belarus was joined by Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Algeria, Guinea, Serbia and even Palestine. 1er February, Kazakhstan is expected to start vaccinating part of its population after a first small delivery of 20,000 doses. Turkmenistan and Nicaragua would be in the running. A result, however, much lower than the 55 countries which had registered for the presentation of the vaccine by videoconference, at the beginning of December 2020, on the sidelines of the session of the UN General Assembly, had led to hope.

The example, it is true, did not come from above. To date, Vladimir Putin, 68, has not received any injection, at least officially, despite the order he himself gave on January 13 to start an injection. “Mass vaccination” in Russia. “Thank goodness our vaccine does not need any special transport conditions, such as [des températures] at – 50 ° C or – 70 ° C. Everything is much simpler and more efficient with us ”, he then declared. The Kremlin chief did announce that one of his daughters had been vaccinated, but no images were released. And among Russian officials, only the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, or the ultranationalist deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky took part in the exercise.

“Disinformation campaign”

For its promotion, Sputnik V has since the first hour its own Twitter account, followed by nearly 32,000 subscribers, which relays in several languages ​​each agreement – or its beginning. Only one “headliner”, Guinean President Alpha Condé, 82, receiving an injection on January 16, appears there. In highlight, the site publishes the photo of a young woman making the sign of “victory”, accompanied by these words: “Please retweet this post if you think vaccines should be above and beyond politics. And that people in all countries have the right to have access to any safe and effective vaccine without prejudice or political bias. “ Russia, not stingy in this area on its competitors, considers that its vaccine is the subject of a “Disinformation campaign”.

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