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The tax increase on the city of Auburn’s budget can be eliminated;  shopping cart recovery costs offered |  Politics

Jacobs said the city’s solid waste management fund should have a gap of $ 155,000, the waste collection deficit should have a gap of $ 447,000, and the transfer station fund should have a gap of. $ 419,000, but each of these can be resolved by capital fund transfers instead of increasing fees or rates.

“These three funds, if there are deficits at the end of the year, are covered by the fund balance of the general fund, then an interfund loan is established to possibly be repaid,” she continued. “So at the moment there will be no rate hike, but we will have to have discussions about possible future hikes in order to support these funds.”

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Jacobs also presented the board with a range of four property tax levy options, with the initial 3.3% increase being the largest increase. Councilor Jimmy Giannettino acknowledged the four different tax scenarios and said the council has decisions to make.

“Obviously our goal as landowners ourselves, we don’t want to pay taxes anymore, but the reality is that we are providing services that the people of this city rely on, and we never have been. also evident in the past 14 months, ”he said. “You look at the last 14 months, that’s why government exists, and this government, this local government, has done a hell of a good job responding, hopefully, to the worst pandemic we’ve ever seen, and it’s costing money. I know people don’t. I don’t like to hear that. As a landlord, I don’t like to hear that, but these are services that we all rely on, and they are necessary services. “


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