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the Swedish regions pinned for their management of the pandemic in nursing homes

Doctor in Stockholm, Bengt Hildebrand testified in June in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. His father, Claes, 78, in a Swedish nursing home, was infected with SARS-CoV-2 in May. Visits being prohibited, Bengt communicated with him via Skype. When he saw that his health was deteriorating, he tried to contact a doctor. He then learned that his father was going to receive morphine but that he would not be transferred to the hospital. However, geriatric services have never been saturated. Using his contacts, he transferred his father, who survived.

How many have not had this chance? Tuesday, November 24, while presenting the conclusions of the investigation carried out by her services in the retirement homes of the kingdom, Sofia Wallström, director of the Inspectorate of Medical and Social Services (IVO), was unable to answer . But she has not spared her criticism of the twenty-one regions of the country, responsible for health services, accused of having demonstrated “Serious failures”.

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Since the start of the pandemic, the IVO has received 20,000 complaints from nursing home staff members across the country, but also from relatives of residents, of whom 7,645 were infected and 2,843 died (out of 6,555 deaths in the date of November 26). The inspectors consulted the medical journals of 847 patients with Covid-19, in 98 establishments.

“Systemic” failures

Their conclusions are shocking. Until mid-October, only 5 to 7% of infected residents had seen a doctor. Just over half were examined remotely, with the participation of relatives. In 8 to 12% of cases, however, the diagnosis was made without consultation with patients or families. Worse still: 16 to 22% of patients have not been the subject of any individual diagnosis by a doctor. Four in ten haven’t even seen a nurse.

However, according to figures from the social affairs department, only 17% of residents in nursing homes who died of Covid between March and July were hospitalized – 13% between April and May, at the worst of the pandemic. The others died in retirement homes, often only receiving painkillers and painkillers, with no loved ones by their side. The failures were “Systemic” and cannot be justified “Even in times of crisis”, estimated the director of IVO. “We have a law which is clear and stipulates the right of everyone to care, which applies to all patients, said Sofia Wallström. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if your address is a retirement home. “

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