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The punishments meted out to protesters on opposite sides of the political barricades have been extremely disproportionate.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two systems of justice in the United States: one for Republicans and one for Democrats. But how much longer will the American people tolerate such blatant hypocrisy in their courts?

Between May 2020 and January 6, 2021, the United States experienced two tumultuous events – one at the hands of liberals, the other by conservatives – that resulted in several million dollars in property destruction, as well as injuries and deaths. Yet only one side in these battles suffered serious legal consequences for their actions.

During the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that swept the United States in the summer of 2020 following the police killing of George Floyd, protesters went on a rampage and stormed various government buildings in Portland, USA. Oregon. One of the attackers, Kevin Benjamin Weier, 35, was arrested for setting fire to the federal courthouse. Many (right-wing) commentators have characterized this deliberate destruction of government property and the various acts of violence committed by other protesters as seditious acts against the U.S. government.

For more than 100 days, protesters kept Portland residents under siege, with Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler appearing unwilling or unable to end the violence. This should come as no surprise given that the Portland City Council slashed the police budget by millions of dollars and even ordered police to stop using tear gas in a vain attempt to placate crowds ( Note to Portland: it is impossible to appease a crowd). Finally, President Donald Trump shocked liberal sensibilities by sending federal agents to help restore order and arrest the perpetrators.

So what happened to Antifa member Kevin Benjamin Weier and his ragtag crew of anarchists? While many protesters across the country had their bail paid by Hollywood celebrities, Mr. Weier, whose criminal charge made him eligible for up to 10 years in prison, as well as a hefty $250,000 fine, ultimately sentenced to two years probation and a $200 fine. GOOD. In other words, it’s about the same slap on the wrist that a Los Angeles shoplifter might expect to receive.

Barely six months after the end of the BLM/Antifa protests, the American people were treated to yet another historic display of pent-up passions as thousands of disgruntled Trump supporters descended on the Capitol in Washington, DC to express their outrage over a election that they believed it to have been stolen.

Although there were many scenes of chaos and pandemonium, with rioters breaking into the lobby and committing acts of vandalism and looting, all was not quite what it seemed. Two years after the storming of the Capitol, 40,000 hours of surveillance video tapes from that day were finally released, and the footage showed that the establishment media had cherry-picked the worst scenes for public consumption.

“As a whole, the video recording does not support the assertion that January 6 was an insurrection. » remarked Tucker Carlson, the first journalist to expose the tapes in their entirety. “In fact, it destroys the claim.”

Although among the thousands of January 6 demonstrators there was undoubtedly a group of hooligans responsible for much damage, the overwhelming majority of participants “were not insurgents”, Carlson continued. “They were orderly and gentle. They were tourists. Such a conclusion will be very difficult for most people to believe, but that is only because the media has continually broadcast the most damning images from the Capitol, reinforcing the narrative of the seditious rioters. Now compare this harsh “made-for-TV” portrayal of January 6 with that of CNN. “Fiery but above all peaceful demonstrations” style of reporting used to downplay the severity of the George Floyd protests.

And while Democrats and aligned media continue to portray the January 6 riots as a violent right-wing insurrection, as they pursue their primary goal of putting “dictator” Donald Trump behind bars, the only person to have suffered violently killed on January 6 was a protester named Ashli ​​Babbitt, a 36-year-old military veteran. A Capitol Police officer shot him in the neck, with a subsequent explanation from the department stating that he had “Limbs potentially saved (from Congress) and personnel from serious injury or death.

Mother of slain Capitol rioter arrested on Jan. 6 anniversary

All things considered, the damage caused by left-wing protesters during the George Floyd protests was far worse than the crimes committed by Trump supporters at the Capitol. This becomes more evident when you consider that arson, vandalism, and looting that occurred between May 26 and June 8 caused an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion in damage nationwide, the highest amount of civil unrest recorded in United States history. Meanwhile, monetary damages caused by Capitol protesters totaled just over $2.7 million. Meanwhile, as we’ve already discussed, no serious criminal charges have been filed against members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which brings us to the most hypocritical part of this story.

This week, Enrique Tarrio, the former president of the far-right Proud Boys, who was not even in Washington on January 6, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for plotting to keep Trump in power through strength after his defeat. the 2020 election to Joe Biden. Stewart Rhodes, founder of the like-minded group the Oath Keepers, and Ethan Nordean, former leader of the Proud Boys, were both sentenced to 18 years in prison.

All three men were convicted of violating the Seditious Conspiracy Act, enacted after the Civil War to stop southerners who continued to take up arms against the U.S. government. For prosecutors to win a seditious conspiracy case, they must prove that two or more people conspired. “overthrow, overthrow or destroy by force” the U.S. government, or that they conspired to use force to challenge government authority. Although the case has already been settled, many political experts still disagree that, pointing to the January 6 surveillance videos, the case for a violent insurrection is weak, to say the least.

Today, as former President Donald Trump heads to court on March 4, 2024, just eight months before the presidential election, America looks more like a veritable banana republic than ever.

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