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The Shadow cloud gaming service taken over by the founder of OVHcloud – TechCrunch

Blade, the French startup behind the cloud gaming service Shadow, was bought by the Octave Klaba fund following a commercial court decision. Klaba is best known as the founder of OVHcloud, a French cloud hosting company. He acquires Blade (and Shadow) through his investment fund Jezby Ventures – not OVHcloud.

Shadow is a cloud computing service for gamers. People can pay a monthly subscription and access a gaming PC in a data center. You can connect to this PC from your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV. You can see a video stream of what is happening on the screen and your actions are relayed to the server.

Unlike Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, or even Nvidia GeForce Now, you can install whatever you want on your server. You get a full instance of Windows 10, so it supports everything from Steam to Photoshop and Excel.

While the French startup has raised more than $ 100 million in multiple funding rounds, the company has been unable to keep up with pre-orders, has not generated enough revenue to stand on its own, and has not been able to find of cash to extend its service. Although it has attracted 100,000 paying users, Next INpact said the company had no choice but to turn to the commercial court.

Several companies and groups of people have submitted takeover bids. In particular, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, Technical Director of Blade, joined forces with other employees, while Octave Klaba presented his own offer. Klaba plans to keep all employees except Jean-Baptiste Kempf.

Now, it will be interesting to see how the service evolves over the next few weeks. Subscriptions currently start at € 12.99 per month in Europe or $ 11.99 per month in the US It is not known if Shadow will remain available at that price, how the specs will evolve and if the company will create more. of servers to attract new customers.

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