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The serious accusations that Bruno Pacheco faces: from interference in the Armed Forces.  even dollars found in his bathroom

Bruno Pacheco and Pedro Castillo.

It all started with a public complaint against Bruno pacheco, still secretary general of the Presidential Office, on November 8, when a former commander of the Armed Forces pointed out that he was participant in the irregular promotions of two colonels who would be related to the government.

Since then, and after more accusations against him, the Executive and Legislature have demanded that the president Pedro Castillo to relieve him of his duties, but he kept him by his side and to date does not make his departure official, since he presented his letter of resignation last Friday.

On the same day that a team from the Lima Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office entered the Government Palace to carry out a series of proceedings against Bruno Pacheco, accused of influence peddling.

Because of this, it transpired this afternoon that found $ 20,000 in cash in his office bathroom, which would complicate the situation of the presidential secretary, who is already full of accusations and complaints.


Scandal in the Armed Forces

As the lines above were exposed, on November 8 this Pandora’s box called Bruno Pacheco was opened. On that occasion, the former commander of the Army, José Vizcarra Álvarez, denounced that the presidential secretary and Walter Ayala, then Minister of Defense, asked him for the irregular promotion of two colonels close to President Pedro Castillo, who later denied being aware of what happened.

According to him, refraining from making the changes, considering that it was not appropriate to do so for meritocratic reasons, cost him his pass to retirement, despite having only been in the position for three months.

Irregular promotion of diplomat in the Foreign Ministry

Following the scandal in the Armed Forces, another complaint appeared involving Bruno Pacheco and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a situation similar to the previous one: a diplomat close to the presidential secretary managed to place himself in the shortlist of ambassadors, despite the fact that his score was not one of the best.

As is well known, the Foreign Ministry carries out an annual selection, qualification and promotion process for career diplomats. Being the title of ambassador the highest degree that diplomats can obtain in Peru.

Candidates must go through a personal evaluation, interviews, their service record is reviewed, what publications they have made, their performance in their last jobs, how was their work in the pandemic. Everything is computed in a qualification, to see if the applicants qualify for the rank of ambassador.

This year, nine vacancies were opened for ambassadors and 83 qualified diplomats applied for the position. One of those chosen was the diplomat Luis Escalante Schuler, close to Pacheco, despite the fact that due to his overall score of 8.7548 he was ranked 53rd in the order of merit and not among the top nine.

First criminal complaint against Pacheco

On November 9, Bruno Pacheco was criminally denounced by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crime against the Public Administration, in the form of influence peddling. This accusation is due to the interference that he would have had with high command of the Armed Forces to seek promotions from those close to President Pedro Castillo.

In the petition signed by the public prosecutor Javier Pacheco Palacios, it indicates that it is requested “to order the initiation of a preliminary investigation for the alleged commission of the crime Against the Public Administration, in the form of influence peddling – typified in Article 400 of the Penal Code -, to the detriment of the Peruvian Army – Peruvian State and for the other criminal offenses that may be noticed during the course of the investigation ”.

Favors for your friends

Bruno Pacheco Castillo was also accused of trying to request favors from Luis Enrique Vera Castillo, National Superintendent of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat), for companies in his environment that had debts.

A web portal evidenced the captures of the WhatsApp chats that Pacheco had sent to the head of Sunat in which he advocates for the company Deltron, a wholesale distributor of computer products in Peru; for his friend, for whom he asks to forget his debts or else “they are going to send him bankrupt.

He even asks that they take into account the lawyer Marco Antonio Urbina Chumpitassi for the position of Public Auctioneer in Trujillo. (Click here to see the chats)

Second complaint against Pacheco

Ten days after his first criminal complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption reported the Secretary General to the Public Ministry for trying to pressure the superintendent of Sunat, Luis Vera, to request that he favor some companies and legal persons.

Attorney Javier Pacheco asked the prosecution to order the start of a preliminary investigation for the alleged crimes of influence peddling and illegal sponsorship against Sunat.

Bruno Pacheco and his meetings with lobbyists, military and ministers

After presenting his resignation letter, it was revealed that Bruno Pacheco met with ministers, police, military and even foreign citizens such as that of the Israeli political and military intelligence adviser Ari Ben Menashe. In total, the list registers more than 150 visits inside the Government Palace by controversial figures.

They also include Walter Ayala and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sánchez, appear as visits with the former Secretary of the Palace before and after the scandal of the promotions of the Armed Forces.

In addition, the visit of Colonel was called by EP Carlos Ramírez Sánchez Cahuancama, implicated in the promotion scandal, and PNP colonels Manuel Jesús Rivera, head of the PNP Border Security Division; and Nicasio Zapata, Director of Investigation of Money Laundering. They all met with Pedro Castillo’s henchman shortly after it was announced that five investigated in the Los Dinámicos del Centro case were included in the Interior Ministry’s most wanted list and their international arrest was ordered.

Prosecutor’s Office reviewed his office in the Palace

A team from the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office of Lima entered the Government Palace on the morning of last Friday to carry out a series of proceedings against the former secretary of the Presidential Office, Bruno Pacheco. That is where the $ 20,000 cash is found.

The preliminary inquiries are carried out for allegedly having exerted pressure against the head of Sunat. “Preliminary proceedings were initiated against Arnulfo Bruno Pacheco Castillo and those who are responsible for the alleged crime against the public administration in the form of influence peddling to the detriment of the State”, reported the Public Ministry through its Twitter account.

“The investigation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Crimes of Corruption of Officials, under the coordination of the superior prosecutor Omar Tello Rosales, is motivated by the public information on alleged irregular actions of Pacheco before the Sunat in favor of private companies”they added.


The US $ 20 thousand in cash found by the authorities in the bathroom of his office could mean a crime of money laundering because he could not answer its origin. According to the criminal lawyer Romy Chang, consulted by RPP, he would be committing the following crimes:

-Asset laundering (Origin of the US $ 20 thousand in cash)

-Trafficking of influences (For the pressure on the head of the Sunat)

– Illegal sponsorship (I use my status as a public official to defend the interests of individuals)

-Abuse of authority (Abuse of power to carry out acts contrary to the law)


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