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the Senate deletes article 3 on the regularization of illegal workers in “shortage” professions

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Immigration: article 3 on the regularization of illegal immigrants in “shortage” professions is deleted in the Senate. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

After the agreement reached Tuesday evening by the senatorial majority, the parliamentarians of the Upper House voted, this Wednesday, an amendment to delete the government’s criticized article. Another article, which provides for the tightening of the criteria provided for by the Valls circular, will be adopted.

The senatorial right wanted its elimination. It is now done. Article 3 of the immigration bill, which provided for the regularization of undocumented workers in so-called “jobs”. in tension », was deleted this Wednesday evening in the Senate thanks to the broad adoption – 191 for and 138 against – of an amendment to delete the text’s rapporteur LR, Muriel Jourda. This was the main sticking point between the two components of the senatorial majority. The centrist Union of Hervé Marseille was in favor of this article 3, while Les Républicains of Bruno Retailleau were firmly opposed to it, considering that it could lead to regularization “massive“.

But after tough negotiations, the two parties reached an agreement on Tuesday evening. Article 3 is deleted, but it is replaced by another article, 4B, which provides for the tightening of the criteria provided for by the Valls circular, which came into force in 2012. This circular authorized the application for a residence permit to foreigners in irregular situation who have lived in France for at least five years, who have worked at least eight months in the last two years and have an employment contract or a promise of employment. It will now be enshrined in law and toughened.

The amendment of the senatorial majority “obviously acceptable”, for Darmanin

Before the vote, the Minister of the Interior re-explained the government’s desire to “regularize people who are irregular and who work, even if their employer does not wish to do so“. And to announce that the government had “heard the compromise» found by the senatorial majority. “The amendment is obviously acceptable to the government», he announced, before attacking with a smile Bruno Retailleau, who “regularizes” according to him “more people than we would have“. “Article 3 was just one article out of 48. It deserved neither the bravos nor the neighs», then quipped Gérald Darmanin.

A statement to which the boss of the senatorial right responded. “Minister, you are not short of air! You want to make people believe that the device is the equivalent of the one you were proposing. Article 3 was an automatic right and is being replaced by a tightening of the circular», snapped Bruno Retailleau. Before adding: “Your system consisted of tens of thousands of regularizations. Ours is sustainable“. An argument to which the host from Beauvau responded again, a few minutes later: “Don’t tell me, Mr. Retailleau, that you wanted exactly the article as you put it today, otherwise we wouldn’t have had this whole story!“.

“You prefer to lose honor to keep a law”

The left, which wanted to see article 3 adopted as is, expressed its deep dismay. “This bill walked on two legs, that of horrors and that of sweetness. He now has this leg amputated. The real news is that you would rather lose honor to keep a law than lose a vote and keep face.», criticized the ecologist Mélanie Vogel. This item “allowed us to at least begin to move away from a form of hypocrisy which means that thousands of people who work in France do so without papers and therefore without rights“, for his part regretted the communist Ian Brossat.

While the bill must be voted on as a whole next Tuesday in a solemn vote in the Senate, it should then arrive in the National Assembly from December 11. And the search for a majority at the Palais Bourbon already promises to be difficult for the government, which has seen its text tighten considerably in the Upper House.

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