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the SDJ of M6 defends itself and evokes the presence of “a member of the government” – RT in French

If the collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon accuses M6 reporters of having trapped and harassed him, the Society of M6 JT journalists defends his investigation. In addition, a member of the government had indeed participated in a clandestine meal.

In a statement released on Twitter on April 6, the Society of Journalists (SDJ) of M6 TV news, made up of 68 journalists, expressed its solidarity with the report broadcast on the same channel, revealing illegal dinners in the upscale circles of Paris.

Targeted by the investigation, the collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon has since defended himself, in particular on BFM TV. Thus on April 6, he explained to journalist Bruce Toussaint having been harassed by an M6 reporter and refuted, in the process, to be the cause of illegal dinners. The collector had nevertheless assured (under the veil of a somewhat anonymous anonymity in fine) in the investigation of M6 that he met ministers during these evenings but during this interview on BFMTV, Pierre-Jean Chalençon changed his mind, evoking a “huge April Fool’s Day”.

The SDJ of M6 therefore denounces the attitude of Pierre-Jean Chalençon “which is spreading in the media and on social networks [accusant] our editorial staff and our news stories to spread “slander” […] reproaches us with “a kind of ambush, of mounted blows” “. “Pierre-Jean Chalençon first indicates that he was harassed. This is not the case, our colleague simply sent him an SMS by introducing himself as a journalist who was investigating the underground parties and he called it back himself, ”specifies the SDJ. The organization also insists “that there were about forty people” at his evening and that “the entry was indeed” paying “, contrary to what the ex-star ofDeal concluded in his defense on BFM TV.

“At least one member of the government” was present at a clandestine dinner according to the SDJ

Concerning the presence of ministers during these clandestine meals, the SDJ adds new information: “Other sources have confirmed to us in” off “the presence of at least one member of the government at one of these dinners. We are continuing our investigations. ”

The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin nevertheless declared on Europe 1 on April 6 that to his knowledge, no minister participated in such clandestine luxury dinners and he slaughtered a rumor which “undermines the foundations of democracy” . Following the broadcast of the report, the Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz in any case opened a criminal investigation on April 4.

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