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the Scientific Council calls for a new containment – RT in French

The President of the Scientific Council Jean-François Delfraissy estimated that it would “probably be necessary to move towards containment” in view of the variants of Covid-19, which “completely changes the situation”, according to him.

The President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy estimated on BFMTV on January 24 that it would “probably be necessary to move towards confinement”, while remaining more evasive on the terms of the new health restrictions, the conditions of which fall under a “decision political “:” Adapted as in November, or harder as in March, I will not go further. “

“We have a whole generation of young people who no longer live [en raison des mesures sanitaires]“, However conceded the one who advises the government. But according to the immunologist, the new mutations of Covid-19 “completely change the situation”, since they result according to him “the equivalent of a second pandemic”. He also defends the strategy he advocates: “The faster a decision is taken, the more effective it is and can be of limited duration. We are in a somewhat critical week. ” “There is an emergency,” he said.

“While we are in an apparently relatively stable situation, if we continue without doing anything more, we will find ourselves in an extremely difficult situation, like other countries. [européens], from mid-March, ”said Jean-François Defraissy.

On the government side, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran for his part said to wait “to be fixed on the effects of the curfew”. “We will be next week,” he told the Sunday newspaper. “If it does not decrease and if the variants [du Covid-19] start to spread everywhere, [le gouvernement] will take additional measures, “he warned, without masking what it meant:” And that’s called containment. “

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