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The Saint: the trial of an announced drama – The Saint

“It was bound to happen one day.” In Le Saint, a Morbihan town of barely 600 inhabitants, it is a mixture of fatalism and fear that seizes the inhabitants when they discover the violent death of Jean-Yves Le Bris, on November 14, 2015. Everyone is aware of the tensions surrounding the Le Bris brothers, at a place called Kerdaniel. Wandering around, their pack of German Shepherds frightens neighbors and attacks animals. Intimidations, provocations, the siblings spread terror. After years of conflict, a meeting is even held with the town hall to try to find a solution. In vain.

Struck with a 16 kg log

The drama is finally played out one kilometer from the home of the two brothers, on David Cadou’s farm. He is a farmer and has ties with the Le Bris brothers. Eight months earlier, he filed a complaint because the dogs attacked again his beasts and bit a cow. This November 14, 2015, at 11 a.m., he found himself facing Jean-Yves Le Bris. The latter hits the farmer in the face and threatens him. David Cadou then grabs a log measuring 2.05 m and weighing 16.2 kg and then hits him in the head. When the gendarmes, firefighters and the mayor arrive, it is too late. Jean-Yves Le Bris, 66, has a fractured skull in two places: he was declared dead on the spot.

“The intention was not to hit him but to scare him”, assures the accused, this Tuesday, September 14, 2021, almost six years later, before the Assize Court. The president wants to know more about his gesture. “It was the log that hit him,” he says, mimicking an accidental circular movement. During his first hearings, he had nevertheless mentioned a voluntary act, in order to defend himself. “I was convinced that the blow was not that violent. I did not see him die ”, adds the accused, who appears free for willful violence resulting in death without intention to kill.

He saves a man in 1996

To try to clarify the circumstances of the tragedy, the court looks at the personality of David Cadou, 49 years old. In the box, he surprises. Blue jacket, black shirt and thin glasses, the farmer does not have an impressive size. Above all, the astronomy enthusiast is calm and calm. Questioned relentlessly by the president, he takes his time, sometimes thinking for several seconds before answering. But is he impulsive? An ex-girlfriend affirms this and describes domestic violence. Other relatives describe, on the contrary, a man with character, certainly, but thoughtful, calm, patient, simple, hard worker, devoted to his exploitation and helpful. The best proof? In July 1996, then aged 24, he jumped into the Nantes-Brest canal to assist a motorist who had fallen into the water. He manages to extract the victim through the window of his vehicle. An act which earned him the medal of courage. Almost 20 years later, he kills a man and says he is “devastated”. David Cadou faces 20 years of criminal imprisonment. The verdict is expected Thursday, September 16.