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The Russian uniform to praise the reintegration policy?  The blunder of “Young people with Macron” – RT in French

On the occasion of a thread of publications dedicated to involving the army more in the reintegration of young people in difficulty, the Twitter account of “Young people with Macron” drew criticism from Internet users. Dress code error!

As noted by several observers and media, the youth branch of LREM amused Internet users in spite of itself, by posting a thread of publications on April 6 on Twitter. This was initially intended to promote the movement’s proposals for the insertion and integration of young people in difficulty, but one of its infographics did not go unnoticed …

While it calls for the army to be more involved in the reintegration of young people, the illustration in question shows a soldier dressed in a uniform and a khaki beret, as well as a blue and white striped shirt. However, failing to stick to the dress code of the French army, the outfit is reminiscent of the uniform of the Russian marine infantry, as some have not failed to pin it down.

“Even if it means talking about the army, you might as well put on a figurative resembling a French soldier. Unless it is about a proposal for collaboration between the Russian army and the Ministry of Justice, which for once would indeed be very innovative ”, for example reacted the former colonel of the navy troops. Michel Goya, now a writer specializing in military history.

“At first I thought it was Russia, since this figurative looks like the Russian army uniform with the famous ‘telnyazhka’. No resemblance to a French soldier. Frankly, guys … ”commented one internet user.

“Breaking: Young people with Macron want to send juvenile delinquents on internship in the Russian marine infantry,” another quipped.

“For the” Young people with Macron “, the coup de com ‘is to say the least failed since it illustrates more the gap between civil society and the Armies than the link between the two”, for his part noted Le Figaro before recalling that the striped sweater (telnyashka in Russian) has been worn by Russian sailors since the 19th century, as well as by airborne troops and marine infantry.

As a reminder, the youth movement of La République en Marche was officially born in February 2018, although it was founded in 2015 by activists from the Socialist Youth Movement. It is the first movement in support of Emmanuel Macron.

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