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The right-wing majority in the Senate wants to reform the law on the non-accumulation of mandates – RT en français


The Senate adopted on October 12 a centrist bill aimed at relaxing the 2014 reform which made the mandate of deputy or senator incompatible with any executive function in a local authority.

The Senate with a right-wing majority relaunched the debate on the non-accumulation of mandates on 12 October by adopting at first reading, against the advice of the government and despite opposition from the left, a centrist bill aimed at relaxing the 2014 reform. Entered into force in 2017, this law made the mandate of deputy or senator incompatible with any executive function in a local authority (mayor, president of general or departmental council, etc.). But it is criticized as favoring parliamentarians above ground, cut off from the reality on the ground.

The proposed organic law carried by the leader of the centrist senators Hervé Marseille tends to relax the rule by removing the incompatibility between the mandate of deputy or senator and the functions of mayor or deputy mayor in the municipalities up to to 10,000 inhabitants, or 97% of French municipalities.

When the 2014 law was voted, “the Senate did not hesitate to stand up against a reform dictated above all by the desire to please the public”, recalled Hervé Marseille, adding: “It was easy to deliver these “cumulators” to popular revenge, whom some did not hesitate to qualify as profiteers. “

“Has the non-cumulation improved the functioning of our democracy?” He asked. “Parliamentarians have not seen their role strengthened since the entry into force of the non-cumulation”, and “mayors who are no longer parliamentarians often have much more difficulty in making their voice heard”, he said. for follow-up.

Adverse government opinion

For LR rapporteur Stéphane Le Rudulier, “a local executive function and a parliamentary mandate […] can usefully complement each other ”. “It seems to me indeed imperative to bring the exercise of power closer to the reality of the territories and to put an end to the feeling that the national elected representatives are completely disconnected”, he added.

The President of the Senate Gérard Larcher was also favorable to the modification of the rule of the non-accumulation of the mandates. On his Twitter account, he said in particular that “experience in the service of the local is extremely useful in the exercise of parliamentary functions”.

Heckled on the right of the hemicycle, the minister delegate in charge of the city Nadia Hai gave an “unfavorable opinion” to the bill, the senator of the RDPI group with a majority En Marche Alain Richard judging the arguments of its authors little “convincing”.

For the non-registered senator Jean-Louis Masson, the text opens “a breach for the benefit of cumulators”. On the left, Eric Kerrouche (PS) believes that he “goes back to democratic advances”, affirming: “We are formally and strictly opposed to this legislative regression which will also give the Senate the image of a conservative and disconnected institution. . “


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