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The right reacts after the announcement of sanctions against the signing officers of the platform – RT in French

The day after the announcement of sanctions against active officers who signed the platform in Current values, many right-wing personalities reacted, divided between agreement with the “observation” and distance from the process.

This April 28, several right-wing officials said they agreed with the “report” of “disintegration” denounced by the military signatories of a forum in the magazine Current values, while taking their distance from the process.

“I might not have written it like that” but “what is written is a reality”, reacted the mayor of the 7th arrondissement Rachida Dati on franceinfo, while the chief of staff of Armed Forces, General François Lecointre, announced on April 27 that they were facing radiation or disciplinary sanctions.

I agree with the finding

If this forum includes “an ambiguous sentence”, Rachida Dati estimated that “the subject is that we settle this disintegration, that we seize the problems of France, that we restore order, (…) security, that inequalities be reduced. ”

“I agree with the finding,” she said, even if “the military are not in their role when they play politics.”

“We can judge the approach inappropriate for those who are in active service”, abounded the boss of the senators of the party Les Républicains (LR) Bruno Retailleau but “I find it unworthy that we cast the reproach on French soldiers to try hide the reality they describe: the risk of civil war in certain Islamized neighborhoods, ”he added on Twitter.

The deputy LR of Hauts-de-Seine Constance Le Grip believes that “we exaggerate, on purpose it seems to me, the dangerousness of the platform”, that she “does not endorse” because “it contains ambiguous sentences and clumsy ”. “But the lucid and serious observation made there is shared by many: let’s face it in a republican framework!” she said on CNews.

Asked for her part on RTL, the president (Libres !, ex-LR) of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse said she was “viscerally attached to the neutrality of the armies and the duty of reserve of active soldiers” .

“The army must be neutral”, declared the outgoing president and candidate for his re-election, even if “on the bottom, obviously we feel a crisis of authority in the country. But for me the authority is republican by the ballot box, not military by force ”.

Asked about CNews, the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard estimated that Marine Le Pen had committed “a real awkwardness” by inviting the signatory soldiers to “join in [son] action to take part in the battle which opens ”.

“We must not play political politics on this, (the signatory soldiers) vote for whoever they want,” he declared.

Stéphane Ravier, senator of the National Rally denounced him on Twitter the passage of officers in front of a military council by criticizing the executive: “Unable to bear the slightest criticism, Macronie panics and sinks into authoritarianism.”

Prime Minister Jean Castex had denounced “a completely unacceptable political recovery” on the part of Marine Le Pen.

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