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The Red Sox ‘City Connect’ uniforms are here and they look pretty good – and that’s a good thing

Nike took the “red” from the Red Sox.

Baseball, steeped in tradition at one flaw, is making a radical change with Nike leading its uniforms this year, introducing “City Connect” uniforms for seven teams in 2021.

Nike has already created controversy in MLB because of its logo on the front of uniforms, and is gaining massive momentum on new designs that are supposed to epitomize the spirit and personality of fans and cities.

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The first with new digs: the Red Sox. And they are … Something.

The uniforms should be used on the annual Boston Patriot Day, during which the Boston Marathon is held. The uniform colors are blue and yellow, designed to reflect the finish line of the Boston Marathon. They also feature a “617” patch on the arm for the Boston area code.

The White Sox, Dodgers, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Giants and Marlins are all expected to receive “City Connect” uniforms at some point in 2021, with each team to receive a “City Connect” uniform by 2023.

Of course, people won’t like it, because baseball fans of a certain persuasion likes to be buttoned up, boring and lame. But listen: The MLB needs to do something to liven up its sport on the pitch, right? The new Padres and Brewers uniforms are super sexy, while the Mets plan to reintroduce black uniforms this season. The new uniforms are, in a nutshell, good.

Nothing attracts more attention than a uniform, and anything that catches the attention of new fans or young fans is a good thing. Of course, people might not like it, and in the future the designs might be better. But this is a game, or a series, on 162. Just like the Player’s Weekend uniforms, Let it be. You might end up having fun.

Expect a handful of disgruntled fans who are reluctant to change once again. But, as Sawx owner John Henry put it in “Moneyball”: The first guy through the wall always gets bloody.

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