The Rabbit R1’s first software update addresses its dismal battery life

Just a week after its initial launch, the Rabbit R1’s first software update is here – and not a moment too soon. Right at the top of the list of improvements in the OTA update is the idle battery performance improved “up to 5 times”, which addresses a major issue for early adopters of the R1. This is also great news for me, in particular, as my R1 is constantly running out of power.

Today’s update consists of two parts: an OTA update pushed directly to R1 devices and a cloud update to Rabbit OS. Battery life is far from the only issue addressed – other highlights include an improved music playback UI, improved Bluetooth reliability, and a fix for a compatibility issue when the device is plugged in on a car that seems to have integrated at least one R1.

The stability of the voice recorder has also been improved, which is great news because I couldn’t get it to work at all. The update is available now for all R1 devices: to download it, R1 owners just need to connect the device to power and Wi-Fi. I plugged mine in, I turned it on and the update started downloading almost immediately.

Impressions of the Rabbit R1 – ours and those of other tech reviewers – have so far been less than great. However, the company seems committed to releasing frequent software updates, and addressing poor battery life was crucial. (I’ve decided to leave the R1 off if I don’t plan to use it for a while, since the battery drain issue is so bad.)

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