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The public prosecutor seized after a tag calling for the murder of police officers – RT in french

The prefecture of police seized the public prosecutor to alert him to a tag calling for committing “crimes” against the police. He refers to the Magnanville drama, during which two police officers were murdered in 2016.

On May 3, the Paris police headquarters announced on its Twitter account that it had seized the public prosecutor to alert him to a tag inscribed on the front of a store located in the 11th arrondissement of the capital during the May 1st demonstration. This text “ACAB Magnanville everywhere” openly refers to the assassination of two police officers which took place in 2016.

“The Prefect of Police seized the public prosecutor under article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure following the discovery of an offensive tag and calling for the commission of crimes against the police”, announced the prefecture of police. This is a report of the facts, the public prosecutor being free to follow up (or not) to this case.

“ACAB” is the acronym of the expression “All Cops Are Bastards”, which means in French: “All the cops are bastards”. This slogan, which has become a slogan for movements claimed to be the far left, is often used during social movements. The expression “Magnanville everywhere” refers to the murder of two police officers on June 13, 2016 in Magnanville in the Yvelines.

Stéphanie Monfeture killed in a terrorist knife attack on April 23

The deputy commander of the Mureaux police station Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, and his companion Jessica Schneider, 36, administrative agent of the neighboring Mantes-la-Jolie police station, had been stabbed to death in front of their son. three and a half years. The assailant, Larossi Abballa, claimed to be part of the jihadist group Daesh and was shot dead by Raid police during the intervention.

On social networks, the tag aroused the indignation of many police officers. “To vomit”, one of them moved by posting the photo in question. “So the antifas side with Islamist terrorism advocating a terrorist assassination of two police officers at their home … Okay”, also indignant Perrine Sallé, spokesperson for the Angry Law Enforcement Women Association (FFOC).

This tag occurs in a particularly tense context, as more and more members of the security forces are alerting the public authorities to their security conditions. A week ago, 49-year-old police officer Stéphanie Monfeture was murdered by an Islamist terrorist in the Rambouillet police station.

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