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the proposal divides a commune in the Var – RT in French

The mayor of Ollioules wanted to give the name of the assassinated history and geography professor to a college in his town, but the proposal did not arouse enthusiasm and was withdrawn.

The mayor Les Républicains d’Ollioules Robert Beneventi wanted to give the name of Samuel Paty to the college “Les Eucalyptus” located in his town, in tribute to the history and geography professor beheaded on October 16 for showing his caricatures of Muhammad to his people. students. The teachers, pupils and parents of pupils of the college being overwhelmingly opposed to this project, it will ultimately not be submitted to deliberation during the municipal council of January 30.

The mayor of the city of 13,000 inhabitants located not far from Toulon, in the Var, explains his proposal in these terms, relayed by France Bleu: “I wanted to pay tribute to this professor killed in horrible conditions. It is for me a strong symbol of the Republic. In Ollioules, we have the place Jean-Jaurès, also assassinated, we have the rue Gabriel-Péri, assassinated by the Nazis. So for me, it was natural and obvious to salute the memory of Samuel Paty. ”

Robert Beneventi had obtained the agreement of Samuel Paty’s family and the Var departmental council, but 100% of teachers, 89% of parents and 69% of students opposed the project in a survey carried out on the management software. school life Pronote, still according to France Bleu. An SNES union representative math teacher said renaming the college “Samuel Paty” would make teachers “a target then. [qu’ils] don’t [ont] no need”. “It’s taking a risk that can be avoided,” she said.

The mayor therefore withdrew his proposal, with the following comment: “I don’t blame them because it is the general state of mind of our country. It is pusillanimity that reigns today and it is worrying. We do not realize it but we are going to bed and let slip the values ​​of the Republic. We must stand up and defend these values ​​”. Robert Beneventi, however, assured that there would be a tribute to Samuel Paty. “I care about it. I owe it to his memory, to his parents and to the people of Ollioulais, ”he said.

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