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the Professional Football League launches its call for tenders without the BeIn Sports lot

Cornered by Canal +, the Professional Football League (LFP) put back on sale, Tuesday, January 19, the television rights of the French League 1 and League 2 football championship, after the withdrawal of the Spanish Mediapro. In this new flash tender – applicants have until 1er February to make itself known – it offers four lots for Ligue 1.

Lot A includes one match “Per championship day, including ten first-choice matches , and the big Sunday magazine, according to the press release published on the evening of Tuesday, January 19. Bundle B includes seven more matches per weekend and the option to pick 38 second-best matches over the season, as well as two magazines. In lot C, there are three multiplexes and the Champions Trophy, as well as two play-offs. And, finally, in the last batch, the magazines on weekdays.

Until the end of the 2023-2024 season

In a second call for tenders, it brought together two lots including Ligue 2. The winners of these calls for tenders will be able to broadcast French football between February 5 and the end of the 2023-2024 season.

Contrary to Canal + ‘s wishes, the LFP has decided not to include matches currently held by BeIn Sports, and sub-licensed to the Vivendi subsidiary for 330 million euros per year. Canal + wanted to return them to the League. But the latter, who does not want to weaken French football a little more by depriving it of the only television receipts it has left, refused. How much can the League hope to get? Mediapro was supposed to bring him 830 million euros per year for his part alone.

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