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“The Pope does not like the West” (INTERVIEW) – RT in French

After a meeting with Viktor Orban in Hungary, Pope Francis traveled to Slovakia, where he reaffirmed his commitment against nationalism. A visit deciphered for RT France by the historian of religions Odon Vallet.

After a quick trip through Hungary to meet Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Pope Francis was in Slovakia on September 14 where he addressed the local Jewish community, and again warned against nationalist ideas.

“Here, before the history of the Jewish people, marked by this tragic and indescribable affront, we are ashamed to admit it: how many times the ineffable name of the Most High has been used to commit unspeakable acts of inhumanity! […] Your history is our history, your sufferings are our sufferings ”, launched the Bishop of Rome in a brief speech in Bratislava.

For the Pope, we must “not isolate yourself, neither as an individual, nor as a nation”

He also attacked nationalism, recalling the region’s communist past: “In these countries, a few decades ago, a single system of thought stifled freedom. Today another system […] empties freedom of its meaning, reducing progress to profit and rights to only individual needs, ”he said, with implicit reference to Slovakia’s neighbors, Hungary and Poland, in conflict with the EU. fact of their position on immigration in particular.

Pope Francis thus insisted on the need “not to isolate oneself, neither as an individual, nor as a nation”. The historian of religions Odon Vallet believes that Jorge Mario Bergoglio sees “the center of gravity of Europe a little further to the East”. “The Pope doesn’t like the West, he doesn’t like Germany, he doesn’t like France, he doesn’t like Spain” and “he thinks that the era of nations is over” , even considers the historian before concluding in these terms on the position of the Pope concerning this question: “Nationalism is over and Christianity is universal.”

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