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the political crisis spreads to the Senate, Castex arrested – RT in French

The presidents of the Senate and of the National Assembly vigorously denounce the method of Jean Castex aimed at creating a commission to rewrite article 24 of the Global Security Act. Jean Castex ensures that she will not have this role.

The presidents of the two French chambers no longer hide their irritation. The Republican (LR) Gérard Larcher, at the head of the Senate, thus asked Prime Minister Jean Castex on November 27 to “renounce his decision to appoint an advisory commission” to rewrite the controversial article 24 of the Global Security law governing the dissemination of images of police officers, according to a press release sent to AFP.

“This goes against the normal functioning of our institutions and it is in total contradiction with the rights of Parliament”, he underlines, recalling that the bill “is being discussed in Parliament”.

“If the Prime Minister persisted, the President of the Senate would consider the work of this commission as null and void,” warns Gérard Larcher.

“The parliamentary debate has started. It must continue in accordance with our institutions in the shuttle between the National Assembly and the Senate “, he affirms before wondering:” What is a committee doing in this sequence if not to undermine the rights of Parliament? ? Does the government want to change the law-making process? ”

The President of the Senate also underlines that according to the Constitution, it is “for Parliament, within the framework of a democratic and public debate, to draft or rewrite the texts of law, this role does not fall to a commission or a committee of ‘more experts who have no democratic legitimacy’.

More surprisingly, the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand, yet a member of La République en Marche (LREM), also expressed to the head of government his “deep emotion” and his “opposition” to the creation of an external commission. During a telephone interview, Richard Ferrand “told him that while it was open to the government to surround itself with the information it wishes to gather, it is not for the government to substitute for parliamentary prerogatives the work of a external commission ”, according to his entourage, contacted by AFP.

In fine, only parliamentarians write and vote the law

In this rare institutional update, the holder of the perch, very close to Emmanuel Macron, recalled “thatin fine, only parliamentarians write and vote the law ”.

Faced with this institutional crisis, Matignon announced to AFP that the independent commission will ultimately not be responsible for rewriting the controversial article 24. The “rewriting of a legislative provision (…) can only be the responsibility of Parliament”, Matignon insisted.

This commission project responded to the outcry caused by article 24, which regulates the dissemination of images of police officers. Jean Castex had thus announced on November 26 the creation of an “independent commission responsible for proposing a new writing” of the article, on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin.

The initiative provoked a political crisis, even within the macronists, Christophe Castaner, president of the LREM group in the Assembly, expressing his “astonishment” at the initiative of Jean Castex.

Parliamentarians from the left and the right denounced a new brand of “contempt” for their work on the part of the government.

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