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the political class takes a stand, the executive wants the end of the “cycle of violence” – RT in French

As the violence escalates, right-wing elected officials have shown clear support for Israel, unlike some left-wing elected officials who have lined up behind the Palestinians. The government is adopting a balanced position.

Against the backdrop of renewed tensions, and while the loss of life has increased since May 10, the French political class reacted to the exchange of fire between the Gaza Strip, administered by Hamas, and the State of Israel.

Questioned in the Senate by the leader of the Communists Pierre Laurent, the Secretary of State in charge of Tourism, French people abroad and the Francophonie Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne held a speech of balance. “Emotion is not of variable geometry. We send our thoughts both to the children who may have died in Gaza, and to the Israelis who died too, ”he said.

The thoughts we send them both for the children who may have died in Gaza, and for the Israelis who died too.

“We recall our firm opposition to colonization, to the demolition of Palestinian structures, to evictions in Palestinian neighborhoods […] They are illegal under international law, it is very clear, they are a major obstacle to peace “, he continued, before condemning the shooting by Hamas on Israel” which again this night caused several victims “.

“The cycle of violence underway in Gaza, Jerusalem but also in the West Bank and in several cities of Israel risks leading to a major escalation. In less than 15 years, the Gaza Strip has experienced three deadly conflicts. Everything must be done to avoid a fourth ”, declared for his part the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian in the Senate.

The Right Behind Israel

On the right, several personalities have given unconditional support to Israel, such as the LR deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti, who has increased calls for the French government to stand behind the Hebrew state: “Why did Emmanuel Macron not- has he still not given his support to Israel under the bombs of the Islamist terrorists of Hamas? ”he wrote on Twitter, in a series of messages on the subject.

Ditto for the mayor of Nice – who has just left LR – Christian Estrosi, who strongly denounced part of the press which spreads fake news and malicious information against Israel, all accompanied by a video explanatory note published by the Israeli army, Tsahal.

The president of RN Marine Le Pen, for her part, condemned the shooting by Hamas and pleaded for peace: “The rain of missiles launched by Hamas on the Israeli civilian populations is an unacceptable act. Let’s hope that the Israeli and Palestinian people find the way to peace, ”she wrote in a tweet.

Other notable supporters of Israel include that of former Prime Minister Manuel Valls or even of Maronist deputy Aurore Bergé: “Israel is a democracy that continues to fight for its right to exist and to protect its people. She will always have solid and sincere friends to support her in the ordeal ”, wrote the latter.

On the left, denunciations of Israel’s actions have been heard. Several parliamentarians, including rebellious Manon Aubry and François Ruffin, environmental senator Esther Benbassa or communists Elsa Faucillon and Laurence Cohen signed a forum in theHumanity asking Emmanuel Macron to intervene. The signatories notably asked the Head of State to “demand from the Israeli Prime Minister that he put an end to the provocations of his extremist allies and his police in Jerusalem”.

“Parliamentarians from the Communist, Republican, Citizen and Environmentalist group strongly condemn the Israeli atrocities in all the occupied Palestinian territories and reaffirm their support for the Palestinian populations. They reiterate their attachment to a two-state solution ”, we could also read in a press release from Communist elected officials in the Senate.

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