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the policeman Alexandre Langlois slams the door of the national police – RT in French

A committed trade unionist who defended the yellow vests against the government, Alexandre Langlois announces his desire to leave the national police. In a letter, he explains the inadequacy of his engagement with the current police.

“I am leaving the National Police for the same reasons that I joined: the defense of individual freedoms and the general interest”. This is the conclusion – lapidary – of the letter sent by Alexandre Langlois to the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin.

On November 27, the union activist policeman and emblematic secretary general of VIGI-MI announced in a letter his desire to negotiate a contractual break with the administration.

A long battle alongside the yellow vests but also the police: untenable?

In this very vehement long letter, the one who had often taken up the cause for the yellow vests without ever renouncing his job as a national intelligence police officer or his union commitment, looks back on the years that preceded and describes an institution that no longer corresponds according to him to that for which he was committed: “Today, I see that there is no longer any question for the people of obeying the laws to which they themselves have consented and that the role of their police is more to protect his freedoms, but rather to annihilate them all, as the most vile of oppressors would do. “

If you had any respect for the women and men who wear the uniform, like me, you would quit

And to question: “What has become of the National Police since 2014, which had to be the guarantor of freedoms?” Doesn’t it deserve better than to apply to the letter more and more liberticidal and authoritarian laws? In such a situation, can we still speak of a republican police or is it just a militia in the service of your authoritarianism? ”

Before deploring: “My involvement in the National Police can no longer be maintained in such a regime without any hope of reform as your recent positions suggest.”

Need I remind you that the number one cause of death for serving police officers is suicide? Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, some 150 lives have been sacrificed

On the Brigades for the repression of violent action (the famous Brav-M of the Paris police prefect), the activist policeman does not hold back his blows and openly defends social causes: “Following the death of Malik Oussekine the December 6, 1986, Charles Pasqua, then Minister of the Interior, not only apologized in person to the family, but, moreover, made the decision to dissolve the Voltigeurs. Since the start of this five-year term, the reverse has been done: we deny the facts, we never apologize and … we recreate the voltigeurs that we rename BRAV-M! The police have since been at the service of a President of the Republic who uses them to violently repress any protest social movement such as yellow vests, but also nurses, firefighters, doctors, lawyers instead of allowing them to express their demands in a supervised and secure manner. ”

The conventional break granted to the police: Achilles heel of the administration?

Returning also to the question of the controversy article 24 of the bill on global security, Alexandre Langlois recalls the jihadist murder of a couple of police officers at their home in 2016, in the Yvelines, in Magnanville: “Were they murdered at home following the dissemination of their image? An umpteenth time no, but following the lack of security of human resources data, which was wandering around on a USB key not secured by the Ministry of the Interior and transmitted to a police union. Has any action been taken since? The answer is once again and always in the negative. If you had any respect for the women and men who wear the uniform, like me, you would quit. ”

And to get on one of the workhorses of the VIGI-MI union: “Do I still have to remind you that the first cause of death for the police officers in office is suicide?” Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, some 150 lives have been sacrificed. ”

It should be noted that Alexandre Langlois does not resign from the national police, but asks for a conventional termination, a possibility that was recently opened to police officers, but which the administration struggles to accommodate, according to several police sources contacted. by RT France. One of them explained in this regard: “The company is afraid that it will cost them too much! More and more of us want to leave. ”

Antoine Boitel

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