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The Padres’ Manny Machado wore the perfect shoes for Father’s Day

Manny Machado has heat on his feet. Sort of.

As ostentatious, loud and colorful studs were all the rage in baseball, the Padres star third baseman made it up on Father’s Day. Like, much lower.

Machado took the field in a pair of Nike Air Monarch cleats – the iconic and preeminent daddy’s shoe – during the Father’s Day game in San Diego against the Reds.

The Monarchs have earned a reputation as unforgettable sneakers worn by a father, making Machado’s shoes a tremendous tribute to fathers (and grillmasters) across the country.

What makes the studs even better is that they come in the classic white, silver and navy blue colourway, which is the the only way wear these bad boys. While these are exclusive studs for Jordan Brand players, they are exclusive to dads off the court.

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Machado has worn all brands of crampons throughout his career, usually flashy and showy types. The All-Star infielder wore Jordan 11s, 12s, 4s and a bunch of others on the pitch.

Still, donning a pair of Grillmaster 5s on Father’s Day earned him plenty of praise from fans who understood the tribute:

You can probably catch Machado after the game at a barbecue near you, probably making bad puns and calling everyone “big guy.”

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