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the opposition criticizes the vote on the health pass – RT in French

Following the adoption of the health pass by the National Assembly after a second vote, the opposition strongly criticized both this controversial health certificate and the conditions under which this vote took place.

After the sling of MoDem elected officials, the National Assembly finally adopted, after a second vote on the same day, the bill for the gradual exit from the state of health emergency, which includes the establishment of a health pass . This vote, validating the implementation of this controversial health certificate, was strongly criticized by the opposition.

The deputy of Essonne and president of Debout France Nicolas Dupont-Aignan deplored a “nocturnal masquerade in the hemicycle” and the “shameful spectacle of an unworthy majority”. “When the government does not like the vote, the national representation is forced to vote again! All this to impose a curfew and sanitary pass, ”he commented. He also noticed the absence during the vote of the leaders of the National Rally (Marine Le Pen) and The Republicans (Christian Jacob).

In session, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan found “shocking” that the deputies could not underamend the new amendment of the government and castigated the “contempt” of the Minister of Health Olivier Véran. “Is this your democracy?” A quarter to midnight, for a curfew, for a health pass? ”He called out to the government.

The president of the Patriots Florian Philippot estimated on Twitter that the deputies had “voted apartheid”. “They will carry the weight of shame and dishonor eternally,” he said, before calling for “boycotting establishments that will use the shame pass”.

Martine Wonner, ex-LREM MP now a member of the Libertés et Territoires group, on the same social network described this vote as “small arrangements between friends of the majority, not respectful of the French”. “We remain in this liberticidal strategy, it is shameful and contemptuous”, she concluded.

The deputy France rebellious (LFI) Adrien Quatennens explained on Twitter, that after seeing “lost on the health pass”, the government “reorganized the vote to win it”, “after a few hours of good grub, in the middle of the night “. “This is how parliamentary democracy works in macronia. Good night little ones, ”he lamented.

“Shame on them!” Exclaimed her colleague LFI Member of Parliament Mathilde Panot, before asserting that “the macronists hate democracy”.

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