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Come to see the cultural professionals who occupy the Odeon theater to demand the extension of the compensation system, Roselyne Bachelot assured to understand “the concerns”. The occupation is maintained pending “acts”.

The Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot went on the evening of March 6 to the Odéon theater, occupied since March 4 by demonstrators who demand the reopening of cultural places as well as financial aid. The government representative said she understood “the concerns, especially over the aftermath of the White Year.”

Culture professionals are calling for the extension until August 2022 of the “white year” system for intermittent entertainment workers, introduced in May 2020. For the moment, the duration of compensation for all intermittents has been extended until August 31, 2021. The system is currently the subject of a mission set up by the Ministry of Culture.

In a statement, the occupants of the theater replied to the minister that beyond “words, we expect actions”. About the meeting with Roselyne Bachelot, they explain having “exchanged, posed [leurs] demands, insisting on the fact that they relate to all precarious workers and the unemployed ”. “We are continuing the occupation pending concrete responses,” they say. A general assembly is scheduled in front of the theater on March 7 at 2 p.m.

In addition, no date for the reopening of theaters, museums and other cultural places (closed since the end of October) has not been brought forward. The result of several test concerts as well as an expertise on the situation of intermittent workers is still awaited by the government before any decision.

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