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The National Assembly ready to reconsider the request for the lifting of parliamentary immunity of MP Benoît Simian

The investigation into the accusations of harassment targeting Benoît Simian, which had been crippled for several months, is experiencing a rebound. Following publication by The world, Thursday January 21, of an investigation into the actions of the deputy (Freedoms and territories) of the 5e constituency of Gironde, the presidency of the National Assembly has indicated that it would agree to re-examine a request for the lifting of the deputy’s parliamentary immunity. This same request was rejected on December 9, 2020 by his colleagues, while the prosecutor of Bordeaux, Frédérique Porterie, wanted to place Mr. Simian in custody and submit him to a psychiatric expertise.

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“We did not know that Benoît Simian had not attended certain summons, and we did not know his attitude with the police either”, explains the cabinet of the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand. Last summer, the deputy for Gironde had notably told the gendarmes of his small town of Ludon-Médoc, who had just surprised him near the house of his ex-wife while he was prohibited from coming to the home conjugal, that he was “Not Mr. Simian”, but one ” salesman “.

“Our assembly cannot take it upon itself. But, in view of the new elements which have been brought to our attention, we will not put up any opposition to meeting again the bureau of the Assembly ”, said the entourage of Mr. Ferrand. Only this collegial body, which brings together the representatives of each group, can decide to lift the protection enjoyed by deputies. None of them may be the object of arrest, search or any other deprivation or restriction of liberty without his authorization.

Lack of debate

The case of this deputy, elected under the label La République en Marche but now registered in the ranks of the Freedoms and Territories group, had already been studied at length by the office in December. Despite repeated acts of moral harassment and a protection order issued against him, forbidding him to go to the family home and to come into contact with his ex-spouse who has a “serious danger telephone”, the Assembly National had rejected the request to waive the immunity of this member of the finance committee, unanimously with two abstentions.

“As Mr. Simian has always responded to invitations, had explained to World Annie Genevard, the Republican member of the Doubs who carried the file, the bureau decided unanimously with two abstentions not to waive his immunity. “ Only the deputy La France insoumise Clémentine Autain had then deplored this decision, regretting in Release that the conditions under which the discussions had taken place did not allow for ” informed decision “ : agenda “Obscure”, deadline for consulting the file too short, lack of debate… The elected representative had then written to Richard Ferrand.

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