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The muscular arrest of a woman accompanied by her young child in Lille creates controversy – RT in French


With her crying child in her arms, a young woman resisted the arrest of the municipal police. What arouse the emotion of the witnesses of the scene. However, the versions of some onlookers and authorities diverge.

On September 17, the arrest of a mother accompanied by her child in the city center of Lille aroused a stir among passers-by.

According to The voice of the North, the facts would have taken place around 13h rue Pierre-Mauroy. On images filmed by amateurs and relayed by BFMTV, we can see the police trying to take the woman in their van. She carries her child in her arms, crying. She resists the arrest, and we hear her shout: “Let me go!”. About fifteen police officers then arrive as reinforcements while some onlookers chant: “Let her go!”

Two versions oppose

According to several witnesses quoted by the continuous news channel, the young woman who accompanied her child by bicycle would have hit a municipal police officer. This one would then have pushed it by reflex, causing the ire of the cyclist. “In excess of anger or surely fear”, according to a witness quoted by the regional daily, it would then have thrown a bottle of water in the face of the official.

The woman loses her temper, throws her bike at the policeman, then tries to head butt him

A version which differs from that communicated by the town hall of Lille, which relays the version of the municipal police in these terms: “One of these agents is suddenly struck by a woman who was riding a bicycle, on the sidewalk, without a helmet, and followed by her child, also by bicycle. The agent reminds her of the rules of the highway code and the breaches of which she is the author […] While the official report has just been drawn up by the municipal police officer, the woman loses her temper, throws her bicycle at the police officer, then tries to give him a head butt. “

According to François Debrouwere, director of security and tranquility of the city of Lille cited by The voice of the North, the mother would have gone off her hinges when a police officer approached her child. “She then hit him in the face twice,” he said. Three witnesses would have corroborated these facts.

Feeling unwell, the young woman was finally taken to the hospital by the firefighters. As clarified by BFMTV, two municipal police officers lodged a complaint for “contempt” and “willful violence against a police officer”. For its part, the town hall indicates that “several witnesses to the scene, shocked by the behavior of this person, have expressed to the municipal police officers their wish to act as a witness”.


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