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The moment Angela Merkel realizes she forgot her mask at the Bundestag roost … – RT in english

Angela Merkel recently announced to parliamentarians in the Bundestag an extension of the confinement in Germany. An intervention after which a carelessness of the German Chancellor was massively shared on social networks.

Since its publication on social networks, the video has already accumulated several million views. Distributed by Internet users from all walks of life, the scene dates back to February 11 and took place in the hemicycle of the Bundestag: after a speech in front of German parliamentarians, Angela Merkel returned to her place, forgetting to put on her mask. protection.

The thoughtlessness lasted only a few seconds since barely seated, the Chancellor got up to run to the platform, in order to recover and put on her face the equipment, the compulsory wearing of which is also disputed in her country.

“This forgetfulness of a few seconds happened the day when [Angela Merkel] gave a speech on the strategy put in place to fight against the pandemic ”, reported Alsace which also notes Angela Merkel’s decision to extend general confinement in Germany for three weeks, a choice arousing strong reactions in the Chamber.

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