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The military staff publishes on Twitter a photo containing a Windows password – RT in French

The official Twitter account of the French armed forces inadvertently disclosed a Windows password, which can be seen in a photo posted on the famous social network.

June 8, the official Twitter account of the staff of the French armies briefly posted online a photo of “exercises close to reality” carried out by an “interministerial staff”. Small problem: a sheet on which was registered a couple identifier / password of a “Windows session” was visible on this photo – in clear and not blurred – taped on a bay of computer servers, as indicated by the specialized site NextINpact.

The 165,000-subscriber account realized its mistake and deleted the post after an hour. As indicated by BFMTV, the image is however still accessible on several pages of the Ministry of Defense and has been shared by Internet users on social networks.

“To face natural, technological or health risks, as well as threats that may weigh on the population, security actors meet regularly in exercises close to reality”, indicated the text accompanying the unfortunate tweet.

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