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the merger of the two municipalities was adopted

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What there is to know

The proposed merger between Oullins and Pierre-Bénite was announced in February 2023. Not without difficulty, the elected officials of the two municipalities are trying to convince residents. This evening, a historic decision will be made.

Among the latest news

– The president of the metropolis indicated, in a letter, to the mayors of the two municipalities that it was urgent to wait before making a decision.

– François-Noël Buffet, former mayor of Oullins and senator from Rhône, announced on Public Senate that he would have held a referendum if he had been in the place of the elected officials.

– Demonstrations took place in Oullins and Pierre-Bénite.

– The two mayors held a consultation with two public meetings, workshops, and an online questionnaire. They took stock of it and published a 4-page document distributed to residents’ mailboxes.

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