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The mayor of Poullaouen, Didier Goubil, attacked by a motorist – Poullaouen

Didier Goubil, mayor of Poullaouen, is still in shock, even if he says today that he is a little better. “The first four days after the assault were a bit difficult,” he confesses. Sunday, September 5, while he was at a place called Kerdoncuff, on the D764, in the process of replacing baliroutes near a bridge whose road was being repaired, the elected official was violently attacked by a motorist visibly annoyed by the diversion in place.

“We noted, with the mayor of Plouyé, that motorists removed the baliroutes to be able to pass in spite of the works,” he says. This is why we agreed to take turns putting them back in place around 7 p.m., to prevent heavy goods vehicles from entering this very narrow lane in the evening. In fact, during this work, we experienced several cases of trucks which were blocked there ”.

Struck violently

According to the mayor of Poullaouen, four cars then arrived this Sunday evening of September 5. The passengers of the first two vehicles asked him if there was a way through. “I told them to turn around, which they did. But the driver of the third car got out to move the baliroutes anyway, he explains. I told him that three decrees prohibited people from passing by telling him that as mayor, I was responsible for ensuring that they were respected ”. According to the elected official, the motorist then went to discuss with the occupants of the fourth car, before starting to maneuver to turn around. A teenager seated in the trolling car also came out to chat and it was then that another passenger “started a sprint” in the direction of the chosen one. “I thought he was coming to pick up the teenager but, instead, he hit me violently and I fell”, testifies Didier Goubil, who, following the assault, suffered from a dislocated wrist, a slight sprain of the right ankle, in addition to various injuries to the hand, elbows, knees and ribs.

Very strong

“What relieves me is knowing that it was not one of my constituents”, adds the elected official, who lodged a complaint on Monday, September 6 at the Carhaix gendarmerie, before d ‘to be examined by the forensic doctor in Brest the next day. “I received calls from the prefect, the sub-prefect, the gendarmerie. Everyone has assured me of their support, which is good, ”he says.

For his part, the commander of the gendarmerie company, Xavier Bonnevie, underlines that “the investigation to find the motorist is underway and is actively advancing. We have good clues, he says, recalling that attacks against elected officials, which are increasing sharply at the hexagonal level, are a government priority. We are very attentive to it and this type of aggression constitutes an aggravating circumstance which is taken into account criminally. However, we must admit that the cases are extremely rare in our sector ”.