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the launch of the 2022 presidential race – RT in French

Alexis Poulin, columnist, Maxime Thiébaut, doctor of public law and Cyril Martinez, national digital referent among the Patriots were invited to comment on the announcements of the various candidates for the 2022 presidential election.

Marine Le Pen, Anne Hidalgo, Fabien Roussel… The presidential candidates come out of the woods and officially launch into the race. If the current tenant of the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron, has not yet officially announced his candidacy, his numerous trips speak volumes. Other politicians this weekend clearly announced their intentions. Anne Hidalgo, the PS mayor of Paris, has formalized her candidacy from Rouen. The president of the National Gathering, Marine Le Pen has confirmed her ambitions from Fréjus (Var). Then after 15 years of absence, the French Communist Party announced, during the Fête de Humanity, the candidacy of the deputy of the North, Fabien Roussel.

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