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The Jonas Brothers hilariously challenge the Hemsworth brothers to fight

Joe jonas really said he wanted to fight with his brother’s ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus‘ ex-husband Liam hemsworth.

But, it’s all in good fun. Joe and his brothers, Nick jonas and Kevin Jonas, Appeared on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote their special, Olympic dreams With Jonas Brothers. During his visit, Joe joked that the brothers were inspired by all of YouTuber’s recent boxing matches.

“We’re going to have a big UFC game,” he said. “It will be us against the Hemsworth brothers. The Hemsworths haven’t emailed us yet, but I think it will be huge.”

Jimmy fallon replied that there might be other Hemsworth brothers they could fight. Quick-witted Joe replied, “A little closer to our height too.”

Heading into the Olympics, the group also teased their next sports special. Kevin explained the concept: The brothers trained with Olympic athletes for a week, then competed against each other. But things got a little dangerous when Nick broke a rib. Fortunately, he is better now, even though his injury coincided with many jobs, the youngest of the group said.

“We understand, Nick, you’re famous,” Joe retorted.

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